Cold Church

They were really having some issues at our church this morning with our heating and air conditioning system. I don’t know what happened, but from the time I stepped in the doors this morning, I was freezing! The weather outside has been cooling off over the past few days, and the temperature outside today was really cold. I don’t know if the maintenance guys at the church building ever adjusted the zone control heating and air conditioning system at the church or not. Not only was it cold in the auditorium, but my kids said that it was freezing in the kids’ Sunday School class as well. My oldest daughter said that the air coming through the air vents in her Sunday School classroom felt like it was actually air from the air conditioning instead of from the furnace like it should have been! She said that all of the kids wanted to wear their big winter coats during class today, which usually doesn’t happen. I know that the janitor and the maintenance guys at church were working on the heating system all during the church service, but I don’t think that they ever got the HVAC system squared away. By the time the service was over an hour and a half later, the interior of the building still felt just like the air conditioning was running. Normally, I’m hot natured and I don’t mind when it’s cold inside a building, but today it was just a little bit too cold for my liking! I hope they fix the furnace for next week!

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I should have stayed in bed

The other day when I woke up to my alarm, I honestly just wanted to sleep longer. Of course I had to get ready for work so I hopped out of bed. I went to take my shower and then ate a quick breakfast with a nice cup of hot coffee. I made my way to work and when I got there I was terribly disappointed. Honestly, I should have stayed in bed. I came to find that the place was incredibly overheated. I learned quickly that the furnace was on the fritz. I don’t know what was going on but they couldn’t get the furnace to quit cranking out the heat. They had an HVAC technician on the way, but who knew for certain when he would actually show up and how fast he could fix the furnace complication. The reading on the thermostat was a whopping 85 degrees, which was terrible! There was no way I could work in those conditions so I told my boss that I had to be on my way. In this particular situation, he was upset but at the same time he could understand anybody not wanting to work in such terrible heat. Even with the windows opened, there was no cooling down that office. Not to mention it was too hot outside anyway so opening the windows didn’t help very much, but it was better than keeping them shut with all that intense heat pumping out from the HVAC vents. I was happy when I got right back in my car, cranked up the cooling system and made my way back home.

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My word is bond

When we called the HVAC company to provide a tune-up to our equipment, I actually learned a few things from the HVAC technician. He could easily tell that our HVAC equipment hadn’t been serviced for quite some time. I explained that I just kept up with the air filter replacements and thought the equipment didn’t need a whole lot more than that. He was saying that regular HVAC service was extremely important. He talked about the tune-ups and the parts that had to be changed every so often. He was saying that it was excellent that I was keeping up with the regular air filter changes, but there was so much more than just that to keep the system running efficiently. He also let me know that by having regular HVAC system maintenance, it would easily keep the energy bills much lower. That definitely sounded good to me so I was definitely listening to everything the man had to tell me. I appreciated all the energy saving tips I could get to be honest. So after this HVAC system tune-up, I knew that I would be contacting the HVAC company a lot more in the future. I believed the guy because it made sense that if I kept the HVAC running at optimal efficiency, I was sure to see a great deal of energy savings. He let me know to get my ductwork cleaned out soon as well which I agreed to do. My word is my bond so I scheduled an official cleaning of the ductwork the following week.

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Bumps in the road

My wife and I were actually fighting a lot when we purchased our first home. The biggest problem was that I didn’t have the HVAC system inspected. She couldn’t understand how I wouldn’t have the HVAC system checked out when we were buying such an expensive home. Basically we got ripped off with the HVAC system, but at least the rest of the house was nice. I couldn’t find any other issues other than the heating and cooling system being absolutely ancient. We fought a lot, but at least I was able to cool down and let her know the bright side of the situation. I was saying that we at least had the opportunity to pick out a new HVAC system that we both loved. This made her perk up a little and she said we should go right away to choose a new HVAC system. When we were at the HVAC dealer, she seemed to prefer the radiant heated floors. I wasn’t quite sure if that was the best choice, but honestly, I was so sick of arguing with my wife. If we were going to enjoy our new place together separate from getting a divorce, I knew that we had to go with what she desired at that moment. So I agreed with her that radiant heated floors would be the best thing to get. I came to find after the installation that I was really pleased with those radiant heated floors. They were incredibly energy efficient and we had seriously low bills with our HVAC system. She was happy, and honestly, so was I. We were able to get over the bumps in the road from purchasing a new house together, and I knew that in the future I would be more wise about the steps of purchasing a property.

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Keeping up with things

There was definitely a time when we were suffering from poor air quality in our home. We actually had an air purifier, but it wasn’t really anything special. I was asking a good buddy of mine about what he did to keep his air quality so great. He was telling me that I had to go for a nice uv air purification system. He also said that he used HEPA air filters which were really good at keeping the air quality nice. I thought about this and decided that my family and I deserved HEPA air filters and the best uv air purification system that money could buy! So I called an HVAC company with excellent reviews and they sent an HVAC professional to the house. He was there with a nice uv air purification system and some HEPA air filters. He also had a nice humidifier which he said would also help improve the air quality. I wanted to do everything I could to improve the air quality so I let him install everything that he brought. I was so amazed by the improvement in the air quality and we haven’t had poor air quality ever since we had these incredible components installed into our home. Even though the HEPA air filters are a tad bit expensive, I honestly feel it’s worth it for the health of my family. I honestly can’t remember a time when I felt so healthy. Even when I go for my doctor checkups, my doctor has noticed a vast improvement in my overall health. He told me that whatever I’m doing, to keep it up.

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My terrible memory

I swear it’s always the same thing when I decide to get my HVAC system maintenance. The HVAC technician always comes over, checks things out and lets me know that I forgot to change my air filter. I don’t know what it is about these air filters, but I have a terrible habit of forgetting to change them! At least I call for my HVAC system maintenance at least once per year, sometimes even twice, but most of the time I forget to change those air filters! So the air filters usually end up being incredibly clogged up or dirty. I’m sure it causes my utility bills to go up dramatically, but fortunately, I haven’t experienced any serious HVAC system malfunctions or failures. I don’t know why I keep doing that, but it seems like I keep dodging bullets. Honestly, it’s probably because I always get my HVAC tune-ups done regularly. This has to be the reason why my system has not failed on me. I don’t understand why for the life of me, I can’t remember to do something so easy as to switch out an air filter. It would probably help if I had a girlfriend to remind me but I’ve been all alone for quite some time. Even if my mother called me to remind me to change the air filter, that would be nice. I remember the last time I had my HVAC tune-up, the technician said that was the same air filter he installed the previous tune-up six months prior. I really need to do something about this problem!

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Cleaned and sealed

Not so long ago when we decided to get our ductwork cleaned, we then discovered that our ductwork also needed to be sealed. There weren’t any rips or holes or anything horrible like that, but there were small leaks since the ductwork needed to be sealed. So we decided to have that taken care of at the sametime the ductwork was cleaned. The whole expense was a little bit costly, but in the end it was something that just needed to be done. Now that our ductwork is totally clean and sealed on top of that, it doesn’t lose any treated air. Because of this, our energy bills have gone done tremendously and I’m really thankful that we thought to do these things. If we didn’t have this service performed, we would still be paying an arm and a leg everytime we paid our energy bill. I knew there was something up with the rising costs of the energy bills, but for a long while, I just couldn’t figure it out. It was actually my wife who told me we should consider cleaning the ductwork because she noticed there was more dust in the air. So not only are we saving a good amount with the energy bills, but we also are experiencing phenomenal air quality! I honestly can’t remember the last time the air quality was so nice. It’s great to be able to breathe good in your home and feel so comfortable! If I ever hear anyone talking about rising energy bills or poor air quality, I will have to ask them if they had their ductwork cleaned and sealed!

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Just enjoy it!

My wife makes a living by selling her paintings. We have a little art studio set up in the basement for her where she makes her masterpieces. The thing is we have to be very careful because art is delicate. The paintings have to be in the right conditions that aren’t overly humid or too dry. So we have a nice humidifier/dehumidifier combo unit that does a great job at keeping the humidity levels just right. We also have HVAC zone control which keeps the area at the right climate control settings. I love my wife very much so I want to have things perfect for her in her little basement art studio. Sometimes she enjoys painting on the deck when watching the sunset. I have mentioned to her that it would be great to get a nice place on the beach and perhaps that would inspire her creativity a little more. She agreed that would be nice. So I have been secretly looking for nice places on the beach that she would love just as much as I do. I finally found the perfect place. I made sure to add the essential upgrades so she would have her art studio in the basement with the perfect climate control equipment for her work. When I showed her the place, she was absolutely dazzled. She gave me a big hug and a kiss and then asked me how much it cost us for this wonderful new household on the beach. I didn’t even answer her question and just told her to enjoy it!

cooling technician

Now that’s a furnace

For the longest time, my thermostat has been getting on my nerves. I mean it is a programmable thermostat, so I suppose it could be worse. But the thermostat is so old that the buttons actually stick and are hard to push. Most of the time when I try to modify the temperature settings, I have to use the end of a pencil to push the button hard enough to register the changes. I probably should have upgraded to a better thermostat a long time ago with this issue, but I just felt like it wasn’t totally necessary since my preferred settings were already programmed. Of course there are those times when I feel a little too hot or a little too chilly and I just want to modify the temperature just a touch. It’s gotten so bad now that I really have a hard time even changing the setting. I realized it was the last straw recently when it was too hot in the house and I couldn’t get the temperature to lower at all! So I called up the HVAC company to see my options with new thermostats. While I really only wanted a nice programmable thermostat, the HVAC technician highly recommended this nice smart thermostat. He said that the thermostat even had voice control so that I could tell the thermostat what temperature I wanted without having to push any buttons. Not to mention the smart thermostat would automatically program my settings based on my temperature control preferences which I thought was quite neat. I could have the system automatically go on minimal settings when I left the house and I could turn on the system remotely when I was on my way back home. This modern thermostat was awesome!


The system is starting to malfunction

Last winter when we faced an HVAC system malfunction, we were in for some trouble. We actually had to find our space heaters to keep us somewhat warm while we waited to get our HVAC system fixed. We actually remained in our bedroom because we had to wait until the following day to get an HVAC technician over to our home. When the HVAC tech did arrive, he commented on how frosty it was in the house. He said he would take care of everything in a jiffy though, so we were grateful to hear that. He said it wasn’t anything overly serious, he just had to change some necessary parts and he was able to get the heating system back to life in no time. I just wish he could have made it out sooner. It wasn’t fun having to rely on the space heaters to keep us from freezing, but I was glad we had them! I was also glad we didn’t have to pay for an outrageous emergency repair. I understand that repairs like that can be up to 3 times the amount of regular system repairs. I suppose as long as we have those space heaters, we won’t have to worry about getting an emergency repair. Of course, I don’t like the risk of having the pipes freeze in the house. If that were to happen, then it would be an outrageous expense for us! Well, I guess we dodged a bullet and from now on, I’m definitely going to have my HVAC system checked out before the winter season arrives!