Having furnace cleaned

My parents have typically celebrated the winter holidays in a large way. I remember in  particular that when the two of us were only tiny women, Christmas was the biggest occasion of them all. My parents constantly made us write letters to Santa Claus every year, and it went way past the time when the two of us were old enough to realize he wasn’t real. The people I was with and I would sit there in front of the fireplace all day, playing with our fun new toys plus games. My Mom would spend the two days leading up to it making us a glorious feast for dinner. Frankly, those were some of the best memories that I ever formed of our childhood. This year, twenty years later, the two of us all decided to get together like old times for Christmas Eve. It was unquestionably frigid outside for us that morning, plus I knew the two of us would be using the fireplace for extra toasty warmth and festivity. My Mom said it had been awhile since the trusty old fireplace was cleaned properly. I rapidly decided to call a chimney sweep to come out, so the two of us could safely operate that fireplace. Luckily enough, the fireplace somehow was still in pretty superb operating shape. It didn’t take long to entirely clean the inside of the fireplace. And then once the excess soot was removed from the walls, the whole family was able to get a fire running in no time. Our Christmas Eve celebration was absolutely wonderful for the whole family and after we all were finished, Mom made her famous sizzling chocolate for all of us to sip on.  

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AC system is now broken

My bestie plus I decided it was the time to buy a small chalet together, since we’d been dating already for several years now. When the two of us were out on the market looking at houses, everything seemed to be well out of our price range. I certainly never thought the two of us could afford to own lakefront property, until our realtor brought us out and showed us a small chalet. The tiny chalet was the perfect size plus since the two of us both enjoy camping plus fishing, the lake location seemed perfect. The biggest issue for us, it seemed, would be the fact that our chalet had no modern central Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment. The summertime months were already well upon us, plus the two of us would immediately need some type of air conditioner. I looked and found us a gently used window air conditioner. We went and picked up our “new” air conditioner, and as soon as the two of us got home we started to install it in our kitchen window. I was simply reaching for the screwdriver when the air conditioner went reaching down to the ground. The air conditioner gained a dent on the front, but very lucky for us, the air conditioner still worked okay. The people I was with and I finished the AC upgrade, being much more careful not to drop it this time. I’m so cheerful that the two of us did not manage to permanently disfigure the air conditioner as it fell on the ground.

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Invoice with HVAC

My partner plus I are the proud parents of many silly teenage kids. They range in age from 12 to 18 years, plus they are a handful of trouble to be certain. The kids are regularly finding trouble, wherever they go, and that includes our very own house. Our sons have a lot of friends, plus the hooligans are regularly running in plus out of our house as they please. This has been a lot of trouble, because our regular electric bills have been much higher over the last few months. Ever since summer season has started, our partner plus I have seen almost a 172% increase in our normal monthly electricity bills. We regularly find that we must remind the kids to close the door, when they get up and go out of the house. Our Heating plus Air Conditioning proposal runs very regularly, which isn’t enjoyable for the system to be certain. The Heating plus Air Conditioning machine is regularly trying to keep up with the amount of heat in the house. We have tried to talk to the men about being a lot more careful, but they insist that they are definitely remembering to close all of the doors. If the monthly electric bill continues to rise, we will be forced to stop using the Heating plus Air Conditioning machine altogether when we’re gone all day. We aren’t even in the middle of the summer season season yet, so the worst heat is still coming for us. Some of the neighbors recommended that we have our Heating plus Air Conditioning proposal professional tested, but no, I have seen the door left wide open, on several weird occasions.


HVAC unit under lease

Most of the local people in our town know each other a little too well. We have all lived in this space for at least 10 years already, plus our children have all grown up together for the most part. When something current happens in this area, I am regularly the first person to know because my buddy is a real snoop. She is regularly keeping track of all of our neighbors plus getting all up in their business. A few afternoons ago, this same buddy called to invite myself over to hear the gossip she had to tell me. When I arrived to her house, it was strange to see she had a few pictures on the table. The pictures were of our neighbor’s garage, and for some reason there was a unusual truck parked in the driveway. This indicated that our friend was having an affair, because the truck was apparently only parked there when her partner was away for work. I must admit for a while there I was on board with her conspiracy theory. That’s when I noticed, however, that on the side of the truck, was an emblem for a well liked local Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation. The truck was probably a Heating plus Air Conditioning company car. As we sat inside, the same Heating plus Air Conditioning truck pulled into the neighbor’s long driveway. We decided to go outside and see who was coming inside, when we saw someone step outside of the Heating plus Air Conditioning company truck. Suddenly the tables had turned; the joke was on us, because it was our neighbor. The buddy had gotten a company truck with his current work position, which turns out to be with a local Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation.

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Sick and she wants heating

My spouse hurt her ankle really badly last week, so I had to take care of her. It wasn’t too big of a concern because I work from home. I even provided her a nice little bell so she could

summon me when she needed me. I care about my spouse with all my heart, so taking care of her is a pleasure. I just wished she wasn’t in pain. It breaks my heart seeing her that way! One thing that helps her stay comfortable is keeping warm. She needs to keep her ankle iced up, but she prefers to have the gas furnace running to keep her warm. I guess the gas furnace also helps to loosen up the ligaments in her ankle. I am not really sure, but I don’t think she likes to have the heating and cooling system set to a cold temperature. She keeps ringing the bell to ask me to keep turning the gas furnace up. I do it for her, and walk over to the temperature control to adjust the gas furnace temperature. I am starting to get a little too hot myself, so I had to put on a shirt and shorts. I don’t mind though; if the hot gas furnace heat can help my spouse recover faster, I’m all for it. I really care about taking care of my spouse, so I have no concern with getting up to adjust the heat for her. It brings me joy, really!

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Still trying to get the HVAC repaired

Yesterday was the AFC Championship game, and I was hoping my home team would win, but unfortunately, my team lost. It wasn’t really much of a surprise though. We were playing against the greatest football team to ever grace the field, and now that we lost, I planned on rooting for the team that beat us. I was also hosting a superbowl celebration in 2 weeks, so I had to get my home in order. Unfortunately, my heating and cooling system took a turn for the worse the other day. My gas furnace had stopped working, and it is supposed to be almost freezing on the day of the super bowl. I was forced to call up my local heating and cooling system maintenance shop to find out how much it would cost to repair my gas furnace, and they told me they could send out a heating and cooling system maintenance person within the next 2 days. They had a big workload, and were really busy. I said that was fine, and awaited the 2 days for the heating and cooling system repairman to show up. Luckily, it wasn’t too cold during those two days. We thankfully didn’t need any type of heating system either, as we just wore some thick jackets and sweatpants around the house. The heating and cooling system maintenance person did a really good job of getting to the bottom of my system’s issue. He had my system working in no time! It looked like my superbowl celebration would go as scheduled, thanks to my awesome HVAC system and the repairman who ensured that it would work!

Quality heating

Have you ever heard the saying that the home has “good bones”? I always thought this was a strange expression until buying our new house. I realize that this meant that the structure of the building was fantastic even though other things may have issues. Upon buying our home almost 25 years ago we got it to the studs and took out several of the interior walls. This was a huge undertaking, but because the home had such a strong outer structure, it was able to list plus the major renovations. It took a lot of time plus expenses to replace the home. One of the areas where we failed to spend enough was our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. Thinking back,  I wish the two of us had taken the time to research further the best plan to put in the house. We are now faced with having to clean it out prior to selling the home and it is going to be quite an expense. It’s finally equipped with a boiler plus baseboard registers, but they are not sited properly. There are several cold pockets in the house. Had the two of us taken the time to invest the currency years ago the two of us wouldn’t have to rip out old stuff to put in new things. The boiler still seems good but I’m sure it is not as efficient as those on the market more recently. This time around the two of us will absolutely be contacting a reputable Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C dealer to come in and say things prior to making any changes. I’m blissful that the home is as structurally sound as it is because the two of us may have to go into the walls again to add additional registers where needed.


How fun is this

Our home has no central air in it, so while in the summertime months our home can become quite the sweatbox.  Opening the windows does undoubtedly no good, in fact at times I am pretty sure that opening the windows makes it hotter inside our home.  Both of us decided to purchase numerous window cooling system units.  We put one air conditioning in the bedroom & the other air condition went into our living room.  Our room is at the opposite end of the home from our daughter’s room, since her room is so close to the living room the two of us thought that the cooling system device in the living room would be enough to cool off her room as well, however it wasn’t.  Both of us considered putting another cooling system window device in her room, however the two of us absolutely didn’t like the plan of leaving her bedroom window open & unlocked all the time, the two of us thought it was unsafe.  So, after that I thought about putting a fan in her room, however since she is still rather young the two of us didn’t want a fan in there incase she decided to put her fingers in it.  That led us to the swamp cooler.  A swamp cool seemed like the perfect solution for her room, it could sit right on the floor, there were no blades she could hurt herself with & it would cool off her room.  All we had to do was pour chilly water into the water compartment, then turn it on.  The swamp cooler will suck in the moderate air & then it passes through a pad that is soaked with the chilly water & then it blows the cool air back out.  The air that the swamp cooler blows back out into the room is nice & cool.  It is absolutely the perfect solution for a young child’s room, & as an added bonus it doesn’t make a loud “frightening” noise.  Both of us could not be happier with using a swamp cooler in our daughter’s room as a cooling system.

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An emergency fee

Yesterday, when my partner went to turn on the heat when she got up she noticed that our gas furnace was just not kicking on.  When she went down to the basement to check on our furnace she discovered that the pilot light had gone out.  When she came upstairs to ask me where I kept the matches she quickly explained that the pilot light had gone out on the furnace and she needed to relight it.  After I handed her the matches she disappeared back down to the basement while I tended to the children getting them dressed and lunch for everyone made.  An second later I noticed that she still had not come back upstairs from the basement and I went down to check what was going on with the furnace.  I found her standing in front of our gas furnace looking confused and frustrated, she told me that the pilot light would not stay lit no matter how many times she followed the instruction in the manual on how to relight the pilot light.  I decided that it was time to call in a professional to figure out what was going on with our furnace.  So I called our local Heating and A/C supplier to have them send out a service person.  I was surprised that they were able to have an repair person out to our locale in under an hour.  I had been prepared to wait at least a day for service.  My partner took the Heating and A/C serviceman down to the basement to show him where the gas furnace was located and everything that she had been doing to relight the pilot light.  It didn’t take long for the HVAC professional to find that the issue with our pilot light was that it was congested and clogged.  The serviceman was able to unclog our pilot light and every one of us had heat within an hour!

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Central air

A few months ago my fiance had a smart temperature control installed into our home.  She is such a techy lady that she just “couldn’t live separate from it.” We all know how fiances (or wives) can be when it comes to new gadgets.  The afternoon that she had our new smart temperature control installed I had taken my kid out shopping for some new clothes & to have some pizza.  I felt it was pressing for us to have a nice father daughter afternoon before the twins are born in a few months.  When we got new home my fiance practically pounced on us trying to show us the new temperature control.  I couldn’t help however thinking that it was dumb at first because certainly how lazy can you be that you don’t want to walk several feet to the temperature control to adjust the temperature.  Well fast forward to her third trimester & she was suddenly loving the smart temperature control! She can pull out her phone & simply adjust the temperature control separate from getting out of bed, or off the couch.  If she gets uncomfortable while sleeping she can certainly just turn up the central air, usually when she does that I end up chilly and then I just turn around to pull out my phone to adjust the temperature control to a setting I like.  For us this is a never ending cycle at the moment although I say the pregnant lady gets to control the temperature control settings!

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