The airports HVAC device

When I first moved out of my parents home I couldn’t afford much as far as an apartment went.  I knew that I needed to sacrifice size for certain amenities that I knew I would never be able to live without.  I knew that I needed both heat and a/c to be comfortable. The only apartment that I was able to afford was across the street from the airport.  This meant, that at all hours, there were planes coming and going. The noise, fumes, plus rumble of them flying overhead was something I eventually was able to adjust to.  For the most part I just spent my time inside my small apartment when I wasn’t working because I needed to be able to breathe fresh clean air. That was absolutely not the case if I sat outside.  My Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system was my saving grace. Not only did I have excellent temperature control, I had a filtration system to remove any fumes that may be in the air from the exhaust of the planes.  I still needed to keep the windows closed tightly to try to muffle the sounds from the airport and the hum of the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system running helped with that too, then my apartment was a small studio apartment and sometimes I miss living there.  It was a special time in my live however since then, got a better job, paid off some debt, and have been able to relocate into a much nicer home. I am still thankful for the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system I had back then though, because without it, I never would have been able to survive living in that venue for as long as I did to.

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The heating program has some trouble

When my hubby first took his job as an accountant downtown, he was very excited about making manager one day in the future.  He worked long hours, went in on weekends, some holidays and pretty much did whatever the boss wanted. He thought that all of this was showing his loyalty to the business and that he would be rewarded for all of his hard work one day.  After years of doing all that he could, his manager promoted his son instead after he had only worked that a few weeks. His son came in and started making all kinds of silly demands that were obviously not going to do anything but cost the company a bunch of money.  He wanted to completely redecorate his office with all of this leather furniture and he wanted his own private Heating, Ventilation & A/C system so that he could set the thermostat to the temperature he liked without having to worry about what his fellow coworkers prefered. My hubby tried to show his boss that the numbers for all the expenses were going to put them in the red, but his boss just wouldn’t listen.  He just said that his son was very important to the business and he should mind his own business. Well, that is exactly what he did! I am so proud of him for what he did next because that day he decided to quit his job that didn’t like his dedication and loyalty. On his way home from work that day he decided that instead of looking for another job he would start his own accounting firm. He now has a small office outside of town where his meets with his clients and even has full control over his own Heating, Ventilation & A/C system.  It all worked out well for him and our family. It goes to show that you should never be afraid to take a leap of faith. It also goes to show that office politics can make for really bad decisions from time to time.


The date interrupted by the air filter

9 years back, Nora and I called it quits. It was not that bitter or filled with drama. It was not like I found out that she was cheating on me. What happened is that we just grew apart. I lost all confidence in myself though. So,  I then stopped dating for the past 5 years, so I could focus on my work instead. Last night though, I had the day off from work. I decided to do some errands, so I could spend the afternoon hanging out by my pool. I had a few stops to do. I needed to go to the store, the hardware shop, & the post office. I needed to grab up some air filters for our HVAC unit, so I took the old air filter with me. I had not grabbed air filters in around 5 years, because Nora always took care of the apartment air filter system. The helpful woman in the Heating & cooling section, helped me find the right size air filters for my unit. The girl was particularly sweet & pretty adorable. She had long legs & was really nice. After I paid for the air filter, the woman asked if I would like her number. I was hesitant & said I am fine thanks. After I left the hardware store, I felt really mean and stupid. I should have told her yes, but I was too shy & caught totally off guard that I was getting asked out. I made an excuse to go back to the hardware shop.

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Requiring our heater device

When my partner and I split up, I decided go back to living with my brother Mike. Mike had plenty of room, & seemed to be cheerful with having me back. My old rented spot had been converted into a gym, so my brother had me set up in the home office. I didn’t mind really, because the office had a separate door. This meant I could leave & come back, without disturbing him in the main residence. I spent a few months undoubtedly working on the office, until it resembled a nice room for me. It was a great way to keep my mind off of the divorce. When the warm & chilly temperatures started to get colder, I realized that the office didn’t have any access to the heater. The boiler was in the house, but it was still pretty cold. When I talked to my brother about the heating problem, my brother suggested both of us go to the hardware store. Mike and I found an electric gas furnace that looks just like a fireplace. It was reasonably priced, & my brother obtained it for the office. The electric gas furnace is not that heavy, & looks great. My brother & I set up the electric gas furnace in about 23 minutes. If you saw the electric gas furnace from a long ways, you might believe it was a fireplace. It makes a fire sound if you wish for it to, & has variable heat settings. Since the furnace is on electric, I don’t have to worry about gas or wood either.

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The loud sounds with the heater

It has gotten harder for my husband and I to find good hiding places for Christmas presents. Our three girls aren’t toddlers anymore.  Hiding gifts up high doesn’t work. All of the really good spots have been discovered. We can’t lock them in a closet, because the girls have learned how to pry open the lock. So Brad and I  tried hiding the presents in with the gas furnace. Brad and I figured that since the girls are afraid of the dark and the spiders down there, they’d never search the basement. Plus, the gas furnace makes a  scary whooshing sound when it first turns on. So our plan was to pile the gifts in the downstairs closet where the gas furnace is located. There were a lot of gifts and it started to get pretty crowded. We had to really push them in there.  Brad and I happened mentioned our hiding spot during a holiday party at the house next door. Our neighbor didn’t think it was a good idea at all. He warned us that Heating component needs a lot of clearance and ventilation in order to operate properly. When anything blocks airflow to the heating equipment, it could lead to overheating and  even system failure. The neighbor’s wife guy mentioned that paper wrapped presents could be a fire hazard when combined with a hot gas furnace and the combustion process. Brad and I felt a bit like a pair of idiots at that point. We went straight home and hauled all of the presents into the master bedroom. We figured it was better that the girls find their wrapped gifts than possible have a problem with our heating system.

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Local HVAC company

My husband, Tom and I had been debating  whether or not we needed to replace the old blinds on our dining room windows. We wanted to replace them because they were getting old and dingy looking. We eventually started a search for the perfect blinds. We both had opinions over style and color.  We chose to save a bit of money and not buy the most expensive model. Tom installed the new blinds and immediately we had some concerns. It’s not that the new blinds weren’t attractive, because they were. But in our attempts to save money, Tom and I hadn’t considered the degree of light and heat that the window allow into the dining room.   Unfortunately, not only did the new blinds allow way too much sun in, they didn’t block any of the heat. Tom and I hadn’t realized that our original blinds stopped both light plus heat from entering the room. The thermostat is located in the dining room. It adjusted according to the heat level of that particular room. The rest of the house was then far too cold, and the air conditioner was running constantly.  Before we would admit our mistake, Tom and I called a local Heating & Air Conditioning company to see if they could offer a recommendation. He suggested moving the thermostat to different room. Either that, or we needed to return the inexpensive blinds for heat and light-blocking alternatives. He pointed out that our new blinds would not be energy efficient in the Wintertime. They had minimal insulation. Ultimately, this would raise our utility expenses whether we were  running the gas furnace or the air conditioner. Tom and I returned the blinds and spent more money on ones that would effectively block light and heat and offer insulation.

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Radiant flooring for the kitchen

At last my wife Penny plus I have gotten around to fixing up our house. I am so excited to get a new office as well. I’ve been thinking about it for such a long time. Penny and I are doing other things too. Penny and I are taking down some walls here plus there to setting up the layout of the house. Penny and I also are updating our heating plan to include radiant floors. Penny and I don’t want to put the radiant floors beneath the tile floors, so we are only doing them in the study room plus bathroom where there is going to be harder flooring. It’s a good idea I think. All of us get the energy efficient use of the radiant flooring in a good space of the house on the ground floor while also not dealing with the integrity of the tile floors which are set up for the house. The house was constructed in the early 2000s plus those floors are one of the few details in the whole house that has stayed untouched over the years. It’s pressing to myself and others that we keep them. I am interested to see how big  of a difference the radiant floors entirely make. Penny and I have a correct Heating, Ventilation plus A/C plan as well for the rest of the house. I’ve heard heated floors can help lower energy invoices as well. I don’t know if they have to be in the total house though in order to do this.

The spring season cooling system

The spring fever has arrived. A year ago, the weather abruptly became super warm my area. It was severely nice, plus all the people were outdoors in their gardens or taking a stroll, just enjoying the weather. When I went to go on some errands, however, it seemed like all the people were out of their minds. I thought for a moment the other drivers on the road had all gone completely wild. I also wondered if they were intoxicated. There were many car crashes all within a mile or so of each other along the road. I was stuck in my car for over an hour just to get to the shopping mall; Luckily my truck has superb a/c. I had it on for some fresh air while I was just hanging out there. I also cranked the tunes and the a/c. When I finally got to the shopping mall, it was the same type of odd mania. I also noted that the shopping mall had the cooling blasting. It wasn’t quite hot outside to warrant that serious of a temperature change. I felt that it was keeping with the wildness I had noticed so far, however. I just was freezing while we were in the shopping mall, however as soon as I walked outside plus out of the cooling, I warmed right up again. The traffic wasn’t nearly as bad on my way back to the house, although I also took steps to avoid the heavy traffic routes.

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AC being cranked at the doctors

I was working as a nurses assistant in the surgical ward at a local area hospital.  Since I was the first one to volunteer at church, when there was a family in need, my minister thought this was the perfect job for me.  I really enjoyed the job because I was helping people, and that is what I have always wanted to do. There are a lot of tasks that requires you to directly interact with the patients, while you are helping them to prepare for their outpatient surgery.  I think the only part of the job that I didn’t enjoy was the temperature they kept the surgical ward at. The thermostat was set so low that I had to wear a sweater all of the time. I talked to the nurse on duty, and she explained to me that it was best to keep the HVAC set lower, because cooler air was less likely to cause germs and bacteria to multiple than heating was.  I guess that explains why the air conditioning is on in the winter. After we got them all prepped and ready for surgery, we had heated blankets to wrap around the patients, then when they came out of surgery, we had heated blankets to keep them comfortable until they went home. I soon had a practiced speech memorized, for whenever the lack of heating was broached by a family member or by the patient.  I never realized how important air conditioning was to the patients. It’s no wonder the hospitals are always on the frigid side. I’ll bet the air conditioning specialists love the hospitals.

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HVAC on a part time basis

I have my own business.  It is a small consignment shop and I take in anything that has been gently used, and should not be thrown away.  I can’t see throwing away items all because they no longer have someone to love them. We also have a lot of items for sale that are made by the locals.  I love my little shop but there are times I wish I could give away the responsibility of owning it. Last summer, the heat hit hard and fast. I don’t care why it happened, I just know that it did.  I longed for the an air conditioning unit that would keep me cool. I knew how expensive HVAC unit were, and I had just opened, so I couldn’t afford to put in a full HVAC unit into the business. I wasn’t getting any customers without the HVAC, because a lot of people came in and browsed because it was so cool inside, and that is where I got several of my sales.  I was at a crossroads. I had to spend the money which I didn’t have without sales, for a HVAC system. Or…I could spend the money for the heating and air conditioning, and hope that it continued to draw in sales. I was really doing a lot of vacillating in my thinking until I had someone come in and ask about a particular item that I had in the window. She commented on the lack of air conditioning and I said that I didn’t have enough business to afford it yet.  She gave me her card and told me that I needed to call the number on the back. Her son was a HVAC contractor and he rented HVAC units to new business owners.

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