Finishing old job

A couple of days previously, my HVAC company received a frantic call from one of our customers. It was Ms. Owens from across town, and she was having trouble with the air conditioner. Ms. Owens is one of our regular customers, and she has been using our HVAC company for 10 years. We recently installed a brand new air conditioner for Miss Owens, and I was surprised to hear from her so quickly. I asked Miss Owens to describe the air conditioner problems, but she could only describe a noise. I sent a technician over to the house, so we could troubleshoot the problems. When the technician looked over the air conditioner, he quickly noticed the issue. The HVAC installation crew left a loose screw inside of the machine. Every time the air conditioner came on, Miss Owens could hear the sound of the screw wiggling around in the machine. The faint tapping noise was indistinct, but easy to locate. It only took a few moments to tighten the screw and get rid of the noise. Since the HVAC system is still under warranty, Miss Owens didn’t receive a bill for this service. I’m happy we could fix the problem quickly, and even happier that the HVAC installation crew didn’t forget anything else. The HVAC installation team completes about five or seven installations weekly. A loose screw is an easy fix, but other problems can be expensive. Last year, one of the new HVAC technicians forgot to connect the drain line. We had to cover a whole garage full of flooded items, and we lost a customer in the process.

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Waiting on heating system tech

One of my biggest pet peeves is for someone to waste my time. I hate when people are late, because it shows a complete lack of respect for my time. I am never late, because I value everyone’s time. I think that is a tragedy of today, because everyone accepts people’s laissez-faire attitude. Yesterday, I was scheduled for a routine service for the heating system. My heating system provider said the appointment time would occur between 8 and 10 a.m. When it was almost 10, I was already feeling aggravated that I waited for a long period of time. When it was 10 minutes past the hour, I contacted the heating system provider and asked about the technicians location. My appointment had mysteriously been erased from the books, even though I confirmed with the receptionist on the previous day. I was fuming mad and very abrupt with the heating technician receptionist. She apologized over and over again, and told me that the owner of the heating company would contact me right away. Several minutes after I hung up with the receptionist, the owner of the heating company called. I was very surprised and even shocked. He apologized for the mix-up, and offered to perform the heating service himself. He also told me the service would be of no cost. He apologized again, and offered to do anything it would take to make the situation right. I rescheduled for today, and the owner of the heating company just left the house. He stuck by his word, and he was here at the precise time.

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I could not fix the furnace by myself

When my job promoted me, I accepted the position without question. Now, living in Alaska, where the temperatures hardly ever get warm, I ponder my naivety. For the first few months, I enjoyed the decent temps of the summer. However, once September arrived, the onslaught of cold came with it and forced me to keep my furnace going, even when I was at work. I never had a problem with keeping the heat up when I wasn’t at home because the rates were low and affordable. That was until my furnace broke and forced me to take refuge at a coworkers house for the next several days. Each day, after our jobs ended, we would travel back to my home and fidget with the furnace ourselves. I would hold the flashlight as my friend took apart the innards of the nozzles and gauges. I thought he knew what he was doing, as his profession called for this type of work. My friend actually fixed it and I moved back in to my home. I awoke that night freezing, realizing that the furnace broke again. I tried to fix it myself by doing the same routines that my friend did, but nothing happened. I took the next day off from my job and waited for the HVAC tech to come. When he did arrive, I stood by and took detailed notes of how repaired it. Since then, I have not had any issues my with furnace. The HVAC technician replaced the entire gauge and even repaired the thermometer on my wall to ensure that nothing like that ever happened again.

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Trying to prove we are handy enough to do the HVAC repair

When it came to fixing things around the house, my brother and my father were the ones who always took charge and proudly repaired issues with appliances. If a toaster needed attention, my brother was right there to take it apart, clean it, and replace whatever needed fixing. Whenever a problem with the lawnmower engine needed repairing, my father set time aside from his busy schedule to examine each facet of that mower until he knew what was wrong. He was adamant that everything in our household was as new as possible for the very reason fixing things took time. That was why when he and my mother bought this new house, he insisted on purchasing a new HVAC unit. The HVAC technicians installed it on the first day and it worked perfectly. However, when that tropical storm decimated the coast last week, it destroyed much of the east side of our home, including nearly all of the new HVAC system. After my dad and my brother spent hours outside attempting to repair the unit, they both returned inside complaining that no one could fix it and that the situation was hopeless. That was until myself and my mother snuck out of the side door with my father’s tool kit and flashlight. We did what we could and fixed it right there. The cold A/C began flowing again. And when the HVAC repairman came the next day to double check what we had done, he smiled and congratulated my dad on having people in the house who know how to fix things like air conditioner units because they are usually the most difficult. .

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The airport blues

I am not a big fan flying. Never have been, never will be I’m still not really sure what it is that I don’t like about it, I am starting to think that it is a wide variety of things. This past week when I went to the airport, it was a disaster! In my past trips to the airport, it is super warm inside. So warm in fact that I would often end up sweating through my shirt and being super self conscious on the plane ride to wherever I was heading. I decided to wear a light tee and some khaki shorts so I wasn’t sweating the whole time I was there. When I walked into the airport however, it felt as if I was up in the rocky mountains it was so chilly! They must have had a recent renovation, because there was an industrial sized air cooling unit on every side of each terminal. I had never really seen anything like it. It kind of looked as if they were decorating the airport with air conditioners. I was so cold, that I bought a cheap sweatshirt inside the airport. When I got onto the plane however, it was even colder than it was in the airport! The thin and cheap sweatshirt that I bought was doing nothing to keep me warm whatsoever. I think that I am just not made to come to airports. Nothing ever goes my way! I think that I need to start driving to my destinations rather than going to the dreaded airport.

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All different kinds of lessons

I have began taking piano lessons. I have been taking them for around eight months now, and I have been loving it. My mother really wanted me to start learning ever since I was a little boy. However it wasn’t until a few months or so until I finally realized that I should give it a shot. I usually practice in the family guestroom. It’s pretty small and uncomfortable in there, but it’s where the piano is located so I just have to make the most of it. For the past week or so, the heating and cooling unit in here has been acting up like crazy. It’s super cold in the winter where we live, so having some decent warm air flow is crucial, especially when you are trying to play the piano. Sometimes when I am playing, my hands will begin to get so cold that I can’t play with the proper speed and agility that I need. I told my parents about the problem with the heated gas furnace, but they said that it is just an old unit and it will “bounce back” sooner or later. Yea right! I decided to do the next realistic option to combat the lack of a proper heating unit. I went out and purchased some leather gloves! Don’t get me wrong, there not the same as having a warm and cozy room, but they do enough to keep my hands warm and flexible. I don’t think that my piano teacher will like it when I tell here that I am playing with gloves on, but I will have to tell here to talk to my parents. It’s not my fault they wont fix the heating unit!.

heating and air

Asthma and humidifier

My brother is ten years younger than me, although he suffers from an extreme form of asthma that forces him to use a humidifier in the room. The doctors said this was simply temporary and he will not have to endure this for the rest of his life. My brother and I share the same room. That means that I must hear the constant humming of the humidifier all through the night. While this is a setback, I know it is for the best since my brother sometimes can’t breathe that well. One day while my parents were out shopping, I was watching my brother because he was sick. He slept all day and had the humidifier on. I checked on him periodically. When I entered the room to see if he needed anything, I noticed the water tray of humidifier needed changing. However, I slipped and sent the humidifier into the wall, spilling the water and cracking the tray. I knew that if my parents found out I wouldn’t be trusted with any type of responsibility ever again. So, I discovered several HVAC sites that instructed me how to fix issues like this. All I needed was some tape and to follow their directions to reprogram the controls. First, I grabbed a few towels and soaked up the water that covered the floor. Then I scoured the garage searching for electrical tape to repair the tray. I eventually found some tucked away in a dusty draw. I dried off the trays and placed the tape along the crack. The directions on the HVAC site were fairly easy and I reprogrammed it quickly. My little brother never woke up the whole time and my parents said I did a great job taking care of the house while they were gone.

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Winter heating

The winter is fun for many reasons. For those who live in the north, snow is a treat for its beauty and recreation. For those who prefer milder temperatures, the south provides vacation opportunities without the burden of heavy coats. For me, winter is the season to snuggle on the sofa on cold evenings when the wind is blowing outside. My fireplace is glowing and my pets are satisfied to cozy on their quilts for the duration of whatever movie I’ve chosen to enjoy. But even though I keep a supply of firewood and kindling on hand, my HVAC heating unit is of utmost importance. Prior to the onset of the colder months, I have my HVAC unit serviced with a proper inspection. I don’t want to be caught in an unexpected wintery blast without proper protection for me, my pets, or my water pipes. My furnace not only provides a necessary buffer between me and the winter elements, it keeps my home from damage caused by freezing water, ice build-up, and conditions ripe for mold come Spring time. Also, there’s nothing like coming in from a romp in the snow to feel the warmth of a properly working furnace taking the chill from the surrounding air. My family sleeps better at night when the HVAC system is humming. My husband sleeps better knowing the HVAC service provider has installed money-saving equipment that works efficiently no matter what season of the year. So, whether is it the middle of summer and our home requires the constant attention of our air conditioner or it is the dead of winter and our furnace is called upon to keep us warm and comfortable, we know our HVAC provider has been diligent in meeting our heating and air conditioning needs.

heating repair

servicing the HVAC unit regularly

I love working in the yard. Weeding my garden and trimming the hedges are gratifying when the result is a beautifully manicured landscape. I used to spend most of a gorgeous day outside prattling about planting flowers, pruning trees, edging a walkway, or watering seedlings, but recently I moved from a colder climate to a much warmer one. In the south, yard work must take place during the morning hours to avoid severe heat exhaustion. The difference in climate has taken some getting used to, but I find that coming in from doing yard work is the treat after a morning of braving the heat and humidity. On an especially hot day, coming into an air conditioned home is my saving grace. Setting the thermostat to peak at the height of the day provides the perfect environment in which to cool off and rejuvenate for the afternoon’s activities. To add to the efficiency of my ac unit, I keep the filter changed once a month and service my HVAC unit on a regular basis with a reliable ac repair technician. My air conditioning provider is well trusted in the community and has been servicing air conditioners and heating systems for many years. His reputation as a cooling expert is well advertised and his experience with total air conditioning and heating systems is the best in the business. I checked references and all spoke highly of his ability to service total HVAC (heat and air conditioning) troubles as well as install new systems. My HVAC provider is a trusted member of the community and keeps my entire air conditioning and heating unit serviced at a reasonable rate so I can come in from doing yard work to a comfortable interior.

air purifier to help with allergies

My mom has never been to visit my wife and I. My mom lives on the other side of the country, and she can’t travel the distance. My wife and I have begged her to visit for a few weeks or a few months. She always makes excuses or says she has too many doctor appointments. I was very surprised last week, when my mom called with flight information. She needed someone to pick her up from the airport.  She was coming to town for a visit, and wanted to stay with my wife and I. We were very surprised, and started to frantically clean the house. Since my mom is allergic to dogs, we decided to make a plan. My wife and I have two small Chihuahuas. Even though they don’t shed much fur, I was worried about my mom’s allergies. I didn’t want my Mom to be uncomfortable during her first visit. I want her to have fun and come back again. My wife and I purchased an air purifier for the guest room. We purchased a small portable air purifier that can be moved anywhere. The air purifier has a strong air filter that is made to reduce allergens and pet dander. The air purifier should help with my mom’s allergies. I’m going to turn on the air purifier a few days before my mom arrives, so the indoor air quality is crisp and clean. I still have no idea why my mom suddenly decided to visit after so long, but I’m happy to have her here for a while.

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