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When my wife and I bought a new property last month, it seemed everything was in proper order. We were really excited to be getting this new house and we couldn’t wait to move in. One thing I definitely made sure was working properly was the HVAC system. When I had it checked out, it was working like a champ. There was only one problem. There was a room that for some reason did not have HVAC ducts upstairs. It seemed that they turned the attic space into a room but didn’t add in the ductwork. I thought I might put in a window AC unit, but there was something about the window that didn’t seem right. So I purchased a window AC unit for that room, and when I installed it into the window, I was still feeling a bit nervous about it. When I went back downstairs, I heard the breaking of glass followed by a loud bang outside. I ran back upstairs to find that the window AC unit actually broke the window and fell outside to the ground. The window AC was entirely busted. I was mad at myself because I should have followed my instinct that there was something wrong. Apparently, the window seal was not tightly secure and it couldn’t hold the weight of the window AC unit. It was very disappointing. I decided to just invest in a ductless mini split HVAC unit for that room. It was actually a very effective solution for that room as it covered both the heating and cooling needs. When my parents came to visit in the winter, they were perfectly comfortable inside of that room.

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Making my home more comfortable

The people I was with and myself decided to go into the dance class today, while we waited for our children to be finished. Normally, the people I was with and myself would wait in the car. The people and myself decided to go into the studio today, because our twin daughters have been complaining about being cold during dance class. The people and myself wanted to see the indoor atmosphere for ourself, and possibly talk to the teacher about the HVAC conditions. When the people I myself stepped inside, we immediately knew exactly what our children were discussing. The HVAC unit was clearly not working, and the interior atmosphere was a very muggy and dents. The building is about 50 years old, so I assume the HVAC system needed to be fixed or replaced. The owner regularly runs a small space heater in the dance class, so the children are not freezing terribly. The space heater does very little to help, because the building is almost 6,000 square feet. The space heater is not made to accommodate that large of an area. The people I was with and myself decided to speak to the dance class instructor, about the terrible indoor atmosphere conditions. When our girls saw us talking to the teacher, they walked over to hug us and say hi. We were still discussing the HVAC system, and the people I was with and myself were doing what we could to get the teacher to do something about the problem. That was really all we could do at the time to help the issues.

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My son for phones for the local hip-hop dance company. His practices are every Wednesday and Friday, from 5:30 in the afternoon until 9 at night. Our son has been dancing with this company for the past five years, plus he has enjoyed all of the time that he has spent there. A few weeks ago, all of us started to hear our son complaining about the indoor atmosphere in the building. Since we were approaching the Christmas season, the outdoor temperatures were below the freezing mark on almost every day. My son said that the heating system was not working at all in the place, and asked if we would come in early to talk to the owner of the theater company. All of us, plus we showed up a few minutes early today. Both of us were very surprised to find the indoor temperature to be very cold. While the two of us were waiting to pick up our son, both of us were shivering completely. I didn’t understand why they didn’t have the heating system running, and I made it a point to talk to the owner that same day. When most of the parents had taken their children home, I waited to talk to the person in charge. I asked if they had a thermostat in the place, because it was clear that the indoor temperature was only around 60°. I made it a point to say that they needed to fix the problem, or we were going to pull our kids from that class.

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I like my studio

Both of us arrive to the dance studio about 15 minutes before our daughter’s class ended. Both of us were waiting outside, while watching our child finish the last few minutes of her dance performance. Both of us had been taking her to these classes for the past 4 years.Our daughter had been complaining about the indoor quality for the past few weeks, so the both of us decided to arrive early. When both of us sat in the room waiting for our daughter, both of us were shivering cold. The heating in addition to air conditioning system did not seem to be working, because it felt a bit cooler than it actually was outside. We were only in the middle of The Fall season, So it was entirely important that the heating in addition to air conditioning system be properly fixed before winter. Both of us waited until most of the parents and children had left, before both of us decided to have a conversation with the owner of the dance studio. Both of us talk to her about the problem with the heating and air conditioning system, and how it was affecting our daughter in addition to her performances. The owner of the dance studio agreed that the indoor air quality was a problem, In addition to the fact that she told us that the owner of the space Refused to fix the problems. Something needed to be done about The heating in addition to air conditioning system, And that something needed to be done sooner than later. Both of us decided to make a few calls to the building owner.

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A very icy studio

During the last evening, the two of us were sitting inside of a studio, while waiting for our daughter’s dance class to finish. This doesn’t happen to be something current for me, as I have been easily doing this every day for the past several years. The two of us don’t mind waiting, because we get to socialize with many of the other moms. This can be particularly nice for the two of us. I happen to forget about the rapidly decreasing temperatures, As well as The freezing temperatures. The building where the dance class is held, happens to be quite old. There is an aged heating, ventilation, as well as A/C unit. Since the heating, ventilation, as well as A/C unit never works very well, The studio owner has a few oil furnaces to help everyone from freezing. They particularly do very little to help, but at least she is trying. On several different times, the owner has repeatedly asked the landlord to swap the heating, ventilation, as well as A/C proposal. Each time the owner has made this request, the owner of the building has declined to upgrade the heating, ventilation, as well as A/C proposal. I’m glad that my daughter’s classroom is Toasty, but it would be very nice if the owner of the building cared about the kids who were taking dance lessons inside. Perhaps then, she would do her best to upgrade the heating, ventilation, as well as A/C proposal. Our kids are freezing cold in this weather, and a new appliance would make a huge difference.

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Using dual fuel HVAC

I live in an area of the country that gets to experience all four seasons.  The temperature varies from the triple digits in the summertime to well below zero in the Winter season.  We deal with stifling humidity, torrential downpours, dangerous wind chill, tons of snow and even cold rain.  For the majority of the year, most people are required to operate either a heating or cooling system.  Between the electric and gas bills, the average person spends a fortune on indoor comfort.  I have done everything possible to reduce my heating and cooling expenses.  I have made our condo as tight and energy efficient as possible.  I have also invested in a dual fuel heating and cooling system.  While the initial cost of purchasing and installing a dual fuel proposal is excessive, I was able to get back the investment within several years.  A dual fuel proposal combines a gas furnace and electric heat pump, allowing myself and others to regulate indoor temperature all year long and minimize energy usage.  The electric heat pump functions just love a central air conditioner during the summertime weeks, providing cool air, combating humidity, and running quite energy efficiently.  When the weather turns colder, the heat pump reverses direction to supply heat.  It does not burn gas to generate heat, however simply moves ambient heat from one place to another.  This process is super energy efficient however only effective until the outside temperature drops below cold.  At this point, the gas furnace automatically takes over, providing the necessary power and heat  until the weather warms back up a bit.  By combining my two gas furnaces, I take advantage of the most economical fuel type at any given time.  Since each heating unit only carries a portion of the workload, there is less wear and tear, and I believe it will last longer than a conventional heating unit.  

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Fireplace is not superior heat

My husband Stephen and I are truly looking at apartments down south. The people I was with and I truly want to transfer this Wintertime and live in the hotter  south full time. The people I was with and I are truly having trouble finding the right place though. I want a nice loft with no neighbors and a truly nice stretch of land. Stephen wants to be right near a town and have enough room for his big guitar collection. It has been truly tough finding the perfect place to fit both of our actual needs. What also is a huge problem is the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning in each nice  place. Stephen and I look at true pictures online of the loft and yard. Next we look at the true amenities. Then we see what the newer Heating in addition to Air Conditioning is like. The great Heating in addition to Air Conditioning is always a truly major concern. Most apartments use a true fireplace for heating. After being happily born and raised in the north, only having a true fireplace makes myself and others extremely  nervous. I guess down south it is a lot warmer, however a fireplace is not a truly good gas furnace. It barely produces sizzling air and truly needs a lot of upkeep. I would easily love to have a gas furnace or a boiler unit installed. The A/C is never truly good either. The air conditioning is either centralized cooling with the HVAC duct or just window units. Central A/C would truly be better, however who wants to just deal with HVAC duct? Window A/C would not be truly great enough in the Summer. That would hardly make a big dent with how sizzling it gets. Why are there no true places with ductless mini cut air conditioners? That would be very ideal. Ductless cooling and a truly hardy gas furnace. Also a place in the city, with a very  sizable yard and tons of space.

Ripped down the thermostat

My partner has a real thing for wood. Everything in our own house has some type of wood element. There is real molding all over the home. The ceilings are of great wood and the floors are of wood. My partner recently just tore off the carpet of our stairs, varnished, really stained and made the wood on the nice stairs glow. I do agree that the real wood stairs look better than that outdated and nasty yellow carpet. However, I don’t care about really walking down the wood stairs. The stairs were so tricky to begin with, now they are really horrible. The stairs are tight, there is no real railing and the wood is very slick on my feet.  I have no real tread on my feet when I walk down them. The last time I really just flew down the stairs was terrible. I just usually disfigure myself from falling, however this time I really disfigured our control unit. The people I was with and I have a great wall mounted smart control component set right up in the real stairwell. The proposal is that you can really adjust the residing room climate control as you are going right down the stairs. It easily is a very convenient spot to put the real smart control unit. However it was a real problem for me. The last time I sadly slide down the stairs, I failed my arms looking for something to really  grab onto. I then located the real wall mounted control component and ripped it right off the actual  wall. I hurt myself and broke our new smart control component in 1 terrible shot. My partner thinks the real problem is the placement of the climate control, however right now I am really trying to convince him it is the lack of any carpeting on our stairs.


Air cleaner for the whole home

I live in a good section that experiences drastic weather just about all of the year round.  We endure real temperatures well below zero, bitter wind chill, many feet of snow, plus even frigid rain.  In the  good Summer, the temperature often climbs up into the nasty triple digits plus the humidity is really unbearable.  To keep a nice and comfortable home, both of us need both a heating plus good cooling system, plus are forced to just operate them for the majority of the time.  It is really essential for the equipment to run just as efficiently as possible, because the weekly good energy costs are the largest portion of the budget.  I have just taken every precaution to really seal up our home, hoping to just prevent the heated or cooled air from escaping.  However, by sealing every good and possible leak, I’ve just eliminated essential ventilation.  And since I can really  rarely open the windows plus welcome in a great fresh breeze, there is a good complication with air quality in our own home.  The contaminants are trapped inside the real house, continually circulated plus breathed by the tenants.  Things like  pesticides, detergents, personal hygiene products,  plus pets actually cause a threat to health.  I noticed I was just suffering from frequent headaches plus bad sneezing, plus my fiance’s dust sensitivity symptoms were really  worsening.  I spoke with a good local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C contractor about the problem, plus he simply suggested the investment into a whole-house ventilation system.  I bought a really nice heat recovery ventilator which uses the outgoing air to preheat the incoming air.  The awesome ventilator entirely reduces the entire workload of the furnace in the Winter, plus because it nicely combats humidity in the Summer, also trims the big cost of running the air conditioner.  Plus, our great house is far cleaner, healthier plus more comfortable.   

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No heating equipment

My fiance, Larry, plus I really decided to take a trip down south.  We just spent the week of Thanksgiving at a totally small rented cabin near the beach.  Before both of us just left, both of us turned down the nice control equipment to conserve some energy plus avoid the high cost of running the furnace to simply heat an empty house.  We were so glad to get away from our jobs, several responsibilities plus the nasty  cold weather up north.   Larry plus I truly hoped to spend the entire week relaxing, nicely soaking up some sun, plus having fun swimming in the ocean.  When both of us arrived at the great condo, it was raining steadily plus the colder air was a bit cold.  Inside the great area, the air conditioner was set to high plus was blasting seriously cold air.  It took Larry plus I awhile to even  figure out how to shut off the bad air conditioner.  Every time both of us truly thought we’d managed it, the nasty cooling system would start up again.  We kept fiddling with the hard to work control equipment plus numerous controls, plus finally the system stopped even cycling on every few hours.  Unfortunately, the terrible rain continued throughout our stay plus the colder outside temperature steadily dropped.  On our fourth evening at the awesome condo, both of us woke up shivering badly plus had to search around for extra blankets.  Larry even tested the control unit, hoping to simply switch from cooling to heating mode.  We were then able to start the air conditioner up again with no real problem, but couldn’t get the system to provide any type of heat.  We finally called the local rental agency for the cabin for help.  We were truly then told the cabin was not equipped with a furnace because the weather never really required it.

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