the good cooling program

You never love your A/C more than when you’re enduring a brutal heatwave in the south… I’ve endured my share of hot summertimes with no air conditioning whatsoever, but I don’t plan to ever have to go through that ever again! Still, I will say that those experiences are what molded me into a person with an attentive nature when it comes to keeping the cooling system in optimal shape… A few years ago, we had a heatwave like none before it! The rapidly increasing temperatures in the area were peaking at 120 degrees for numerous afternoons, with evening temperatures in the mid to low 90’s. The worst part of it was how the hot weather seemed to just hover over you and there was no breeze to catch anywhere. And of course, as luck would have it, this was the time that my cooling system idea decided to suffer a breakdown when I needed it the most. I woke up on the first day to a very quiet home, as well as to a bed full of my own sweat, which was disgusting! When I climbed out of my waterbed and went over to check on the thermostat, I found that the cooling system was off but it just wouldn’t come back online. Though I promptly called for emergency services from my regular heating and air conditioning idea service provider, those guys were already preoccupied with numerous other emergency visits. For four afternoons, I had to suffer through these horrendous rapidly increasing temperatures with zero air flow through my house. I had every window open through the day, as well as the only oscillating fan I own right by my side for the entire time. And I honestly couldn’t have been any happier than I was the moment I saw the HVAC service truck pull into my driveway!

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Want the HVAC device cleaned

My husband and I decided to go on a little trip to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We chose to go to a bed and breakfast and it was located in this beautiful area. When we finally were checked into our room, it was actually wonderful. The thing we noticed though was the furnace wasn’t finally working so well in our room. When we went to adjust the thermostat on the wall to get more heat, we weren’t able to get anymore heat! It was starting to become very cold in our room and we couldn’t sleep in these kinds of conditions. So my husband called for help instantly and he demanded another room with a working furnace. But due to it being a popular weekend the owner told us that all the other rooms were filled. They said they could have an Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C worker come out in a jiffy though. We told them that we would wait so we wouldn’t have to waste time finding another place to stay. So we chose to go out for supper while they were taking care of the problem with the heating system. We really did had a nice romantic supper at this extravagant pizzeria that we never heard of before. They had the best food as well as I appreciated the temperature control settings in this site. It was so much more comfortable than our room at the bed and breakfast. When we made it back to our room though, everything was taken care of like they promised. They even left us a box of chocolates as well as a bottle of wine for the inconvenience! It was such a wonderful mini trip and we didn’t have any more issues with the furnace.  

Cleaning the HVAC is easy

I have friends who ask me questions about Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C maintenance and how to save energy. I tell them all the time that there is really nothing to it. It’s not difficult to look up many energy saving tips online if you ask me! You can even ask the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system professionals when they are taking care of your Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system maintenance. Those guys are usually more than happy to answer any questions you might have in regards to your Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system. I have asked them just about every question I could guess of including energy saving tips as well. I thought it was brilliant when they told me that changing the light bulbs in your home helps. I learned to change all the bulbs within my home with LED lights to keep it cool in the home as well as lower my utility bills. Also, it’s a must to switch the light bulbs back to incandescent in the Winter months to help keep your home warm. You should also change out your air filters with high quality filters to protect your Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system, but to ensure wonderful air quality. It’s wonderful to block out the sun in the warm season to help keep the home cool. It’s also smart to clean out your outdoor A/C condenser component before the warm season. There will be a buildup of dirt as well as debris in that compressor unit, so you have to clear it out as well as rinse off the fin coils so they are not blocked up. Being able to have the knowledge of an HVAC system is easy!

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Wanting to add more to the heating equipment

          My father struggles to pay his bills every month, so my sibling plus I help out when both of us can. A few weeks ago, our dad started to see very high electric bills… My sibling helped him pay October’s electric bill, plus I paid all of November’s electric bill. That’s when I decided to call someone from the Heating plus Air Conditioning dealership, so they could perform an energy audit in our dad’s home! I thought it was unusual that the electric bill would jump so high in a short time. I truly hoped the Heating plus Air Conditioning dealership would be able to give us an answer.

               My dad’s gas furnace was very old, plus I thought it was no longer an energy efficient method of heating the home. The Heating plus Air Conditioning company sent a certified serviceman to perform an energy audit on our dad’s home. My sibling plus I were present, plus they checked the locale thoroughly. They investigated the gas furnace first, which was still in good shape. That was a large surprise to me, because I believed the gas furnace would be our problem. The Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman found the complication in our attic. The HVAC duct is located in the attic, plus nobody ever goes in that space.

                The Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman carefully checked the attic HVAC duct for problems, plus found various areas that required attention. These various areas were allowing a lot of excess heat to escape. Instead of the heat being distributed into the house air, it was lost in the Attic. After the HVAC duct problems were repaired, the Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman assured our Dad plus us that the biweekly bills should return to normal.

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Glad I did the design

I was in high school when I became interested in graphic arts. I had a class that taught us laptops, and my teacher was good in several graphic art programs… He taught us how to make logos, banners, and buttons! My teacher spent a lot of time teaching us the basics, so we could be successful in university. I decided to attend a university that could teach me about graphic art design.

                   I started a some months ago, and I am constantly studying modern information. I always try to work on extracurricular projects that will make me some cash… One of those projects is building logos and website graphics for online businesses. I advertise my services on a website that caters to affordable website Solutions online. I offer affordable graphics  to corporations at a cheap and affordable rate. Last month, I was working on a project for a modern Heating and Air Conditioning dealer. I was surprised that Heating and Air Conditioning business found me online, because the guy is in town. It made things a lot easier, because we could meet up and discuss the logos and advertising materials!

                The Heating and Air Conditioning business person was excited by my mock-ups, and provided me full creative control to make some decisions. At the end of more than 2 weeks, I presented a full package of advertising materials, and the Heating and Air Conditioning businessman was very happy with my work. I hope he will supply me a wonderful review on yahoo and google, so I can continue to make some side cash for university. I also gave him some company cards, so he could refer some friends and family to me.

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removing all that moisture

Last Spring, our area had more precipitation than in any year in the past, but out of all the spring days, we had rainfall on twenty of those days, then in this area, we would normally have 30 or 40 days of rain! That is a big increase! When the rivers and  creeks become full, the small streams back up, however my partner and I have a small stream that runs through the middle of our property. It is about fifty yards from our house. When the rain kept coming down last spring, the entire stream flooded. Our backyard flooded as well. On the seventh day, water started to enter our basement. The whole area was flooded, and we had to go buy a sump pump to get rid of the excess water. The hot as well as cold temperatures were sizzling outside, and the sitting water brought humid hot and cold temperatures in our home. My partner and  I decided to rent a dehumidifier from the HVAC store. The HVAC store rents all kinds of equipment, like dehumidifiers, oil furnace towers, and portable air conditioners, but we rented the dehumidifier for 10 days. The dehumidifier was equipped with a gauge that measured the amount of moisture in the air. When the desired moisture level is reached, the dehumidifier automatically turns off. We ran the dehumidifier every single day both of us had standing water in our basement, but luckily, we did not end up with any mold or mildew anywhere in the basement. My partner and I happily spend my savings the rental bill for the dehumidifier. We saved a ton of money and kept our basement from undergoing water or mold damage.

We share the HVAC workload

If you think about your heating and  air conditioner unit, you very well realize that it is nothing more than a machine, then there is nothing mystical or magical about the HVAC unit, and if something goes wrong, there is normally a precise reason why. Through a series of problem shooting steps, a HVAC  maintenance serviceman can find and resolve any number of problems, unfortunately, there is no room for a big ego in the HVAC maintenance field. Sometimes we try one thing and it works, and other times we might have to try several things before we find results. I hired a new heating serviceman to maintenance our commercial accounts. The heating serviceman was new to the field, and only out of university for a few weeks, however when I interviewed the candidate, he seemed very proud and smart. I wondered if his ego would get in the way of making some sound repairs. I found my answer last week, when the serviceman was sent to maintenance an older oil furnace. The client has been with the dealer for several years, and we have maintenanced his oil furnace, air conditioner, and  warm water heater. The serviceman tried to tell the client that it was time to update the old furnace. The client argued with our serviceman, and he wanted the serviceman to make a maintenance instead of suggesting a updatement. I had to get involved, because our client contacted the dealer. I spoke with the serviceman about the oil furnace, and he swore it could not be fixed. The next day, we made an appointment to see the customer. I maintenance the old oil furnace and told the employee that he was terminated.

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The HVAC should have been checked by now

As I am getting older, I am learning a lot more than I thought I could.  Last year, I learned one very important lesson. I learned the importance of keeping your HVAC system, maintained.  I had never really thought about how important it was to call the HVAC company and have them do the maintenance and repair on our heating and air conditioning.  I had a problem with the furnace on one snowy evening. I called the HVAC company for service, but they were all busy with emergencies. They put me on the first come, first serve list, for repair.  Two days later, the HVAC company showed up to fix our furnace. He was very upset with me when he saw the air filter. He asked when I had changed the air filter, and I calmly told him never. I didn’t know I had to change the air filter.  He had to pry the air filter out, because it was clogged tightly. I knew that I had made a big mistake by not calling for the annual servicing. He was grumbling as he inspected the furnace. I knew he was tired from all the work he had been doing over the last couple days.  He was grumbling about people who only wanted service done on their HVAC system after it was broken. It worried me that he was so upset. He told me that if I had called for annual maintenance on the furnace, I probably would have been saving money on my energy bills. I also wouldn’t have been facing purchasing a new furnace, because my current furnace could not be saved.

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Less cooling please!

I can’t believe that the restaurants in our area, keep the air conditioning so low that you can’t eat without eating cold food.  There are two fast food stores in our town. I enjoy eating inside the store, but not anymore. They have their air conditioning set too low.  I stand in line and wait for the freshest food. Till I get it back to the seat, it is cold and the fries were wilted. I was going to go through the line at the drive through.  I hated waiting in that line. After you got your food, you had to decide when to eat. I could have eaten while driving, but I thought that was dangerous. I actually thought it was as dangerous as if I were texting while driving.  The only good thing about going through drive through, was that I had perfect air conditioning or heating in the car. I never had to worry about whether it was too cold for my food. I had to find a place to park and that was a problem sometime, but then I would pull around and park in the side parking lot of the gas station.  I don’t know if they are trying to find a way to get rid of the inside eating area, but they are losing their customers. I‘ve talked to a lot of people who are fed up with the air conditioning inside these fast food stores. I think it is time to write a letter to the owner of the establishments and complain about the AC.

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A little beach condo

It’s nice to know that if something happens, you always have friends and relatives close by that you can rely on.  That is exactly how we felt when we went east to visit some friends and family. My sister lives at a cute little beach house that is near the lake.  We were up there visiting my mom, when the air conditioning in the car went out. My daughter was upset, but so was my wife and I. I knew my sister was just a couple miles away from here, so we headed to her home.  No one was home, but I knew where she kept the spare key. We got into the house and we were greeted by the best air conditioning I had ever experienced. Of course, after going the last twenty minutes without any air conditioning, and the outside temp was ninety with ninety percent humidity, even a fan would have felt good.  The first thing I did was to call my sister and tell her we were in her house. I told her about the AC in the car and she suggested a local garage that she uses. She said they do excellent HVAC work and if I told them I was her brother, they wouldn’t overcharge me. She told us to make ourselves at home and she would be home in an hour.  My wife was walking around and checking out the house. She noticed the ductless mini split. The ductless mini split unit looked just like the HVAC we had just put into the playhouse we had built for our kids.

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