Tear down memories to make room for HVAC factory

Down on Route 42, there is a very old school building. The building has been there for at least a hundred fifty years. I’ve lived here for 40 years, and it has been vacant the whole time. The last time the building was used, was during the first world war. It’s always been an eyesore, but no one in town wanted to tear down the old building. It’s the oldest building in our county, with a great deal of history. One of the former presidents signed a treaty in that very building. When I was driving home from the farmers market last week, I noticed a large metal fence around the property. There were several Building Company signs. A new company bought the space, and decided to tear down the old building. I looked up the company online, and found out they manufacture HVAC parts. The company is based in another state, but they decided to build a factory outside of our town. I hate to see the old building go, but an HVAC part Factory will bring lots of jobs to our area. This week, I started seeing hiring signs on the fences. The HVAC Factory is hiring for 1st and 2nd shift workers. My brother-in-law put his name in for a management position. This HVAC parts factory is going to revive our dying town. When new jobs are created, people move into the area. Every small business in the area will receive an economic boost from the new factory. The high school is year is almost over, and there are a lot of young men and women looking for good jobs.


Furnace breakdown:

Sometimes in life things go wrong, and you need to figure out a way to manage. Like when my car broke down, I had to take the bus for a week. I am not one of those middle-class elitists, but public transportation was very rough on my senses. I am honestly not sure if there is a shortage on soap products or if water had became scarce in my city, but there were some exotically horrible smells I endured. However, as bad as taking the bus was, when my furnace broke down I was in even more trouble. It was late in the winter season – on a particularly frigid evening – I noticed my heater stopped working. We had just experienced a blizzard, and snow was making travel a real issue. This meant that I could not get an HVAC repair service to readily fix my heater. It was surely below zero, and I thought I would not survive. Wrapped up with about every blanket in my house, I relied on a multitude of space heaters to warm my home. It was a week of my life I would rather have remembered for a much better reason. Fortunately I was eventually able to get a service technician over to my home. After he serviced my HVAC system he gave me some great advice on how to keep my HVAC equipment in great shape. Once he got it running, he also told me that signing up for a service maintenance plan and replacing the air filter often can both prevent future breakdowns and save me money in the long-run. That is a huge relief because space heaters simply can’t keep me warm like my furnace can.

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Have to stay on top of your maintenance

I made the biggest mistake ever, and I am going to have to pay for it. For the longest time my wife has been warning me that we need to get our HVAC system maintenance. Well, I just let it go because I felt everything was working fine. I let it go on that way for almost 2 years. Well, that’s when the HVAC system had finally had it and just quit working. I couldn’t get anything to turn on via the thermostat and I realized that I had to make that dreaded call to the HVAC company. I figured the worker they sent out was going to give me a hard time about the HVAC system negligence. Well the technician who came over was very nice and professional. He said it wasn’t good that we went without the essential HVAC system maintenance, but this happens with a lot of people. He said it’s a lot more common than we might think as a lot of new home owners fail to realize the importance of maintaining their equipment regularly. He said this is why he makes the big bucks because of taking care of these types of situations. He said the HVAC system would be fine after he cleaned everything out and provided it a tune up. He also explained to us how we had to change the air filter every single month. He said if we bought the expensive HEPA air filters, we could get away with changing them every 3 months. I honestly liked the sound of that so decided to purchase some quality HEPA air filters. The HVAC repair was a bit costly, but from that moment moving forward, I would stay on stop of the crucial HVAC system maintenance.


Those seemed really nice

We finally reached that dreaded time when our HVAC system totally failed on us. When we called the HVAC company for assistance, the HVAC technician said the HVAC system was definitely done for. The system was actually 16 years old, so it did last a good while and performed an excellent service for us. It was time to see what was available for us. When we were showed all our options, we were absolutely amazed. There have been so many improvements in the heating and cooling industry and it was so futuristic sounding. The smart thermostats alone were absolutely amazing. The idea that you could operate your heating and cooling system from your phone, who would have ever thought they could do something like that back in the day? I thought the geothermal HVAC systems sounded amazing. They are entirely environment friendly as there is no combustion. This means that you couldn’t possibly be in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning or any sort of dangerous fumes. There would be no possibility of explosions from a gas leak or even any sort of coolant leak. The system pulls the natural cooling and heating straight from the earth and pours that into your home for your heating and cooling needs. What could be more environmental friendly than that! While I did really love the idea of having a system like that, that would save us huge on the energy bills and last forever, my wife was leaning towards the radiant heated floors. I had to admit, those seemed really nice. We both agreed that we had to get a smart thermostat though!

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Spreading the news

The other day, I ran into my neighbor. He flagged me to come over to the fence and started talking to me about the HVAC workers always coming to my house. He asked me if it was really necessary to call for HVAC maintenance as often as I did. I felt it was really none of his business but I explained to him that we are enrolled in an HVAC system maintenance plan. Basically we have HVAC workers drop by our house once every single month. They clean the HVAC unit thoroughly, change the air filters, and make sure that all the parts are in ideal condition. Sometimes, they have to change out parts for ideal system efficiency and I appreciate the work they do. The thing I love most about the HVAC system maintenance plan is that I only pay a flat rate yearly which is very reasonable considering how much work I get done regularly. I love having the peace of mind knowing that my HVAC system cannot possibly fail because it’s tuned up regularly and the air filters are always up to date. When I explained all of this to the neighbor, he looked at me in surprise but he seemed genuinely fascinated. He then asked me if I could provide him the contact information for the HVAC company so that perhaps he can enroll in a similar HVAC system maintenance plan. It wasn’t long when I started seeing the HVAC company going to my neighbor’s house. They also provided me with a pack of complimentary air filters because I referred my neighbor to them.

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She really gets me

I have been on so many dates, it drives me nuts to a certain degree. Not that I don’t have a good time most of the time, but a lot of these girls seem to just want to take advantage of my living situation. I’m not the richest man in the world, but I do make pretty good money. I’m actually a proud HVAC technician, but I have been looking for love I suppose in all the wrong places. I couldn’t believe this one girl, when she found out what I did for a living, she wanted me to repair her HVAC system at no charge! Can you believe that? I do work for a living, I am not a charity. I do donate to charity however. For the longest time I felt like I just had bad luck and maybe I would never find the right woman for me. Well, I felt that way until I met a new HVAC worker in our company. She was new to the heating and cooling industry and she was paired with me so I could teach her how to become a skilled HVAC worker. She didn’t need much help and she picked up on everything right away. I could tell that she knew her stuff and was impressed with how she became certified so easily. She would ask questions if she needed help and she was really nice to be around. I decided to ask her out and things went rather well between the two of us. Not even two years later, we are now married! It seemed like when I quit looking for the right one for me, she somehow found me! It was some kind of fate for the two of us and I love talking about work with her, she really gets me and my sense of humor!

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Bad Banquet

Have you ever stayed in a hotel where the indoor air quality was poor? I have! Last fall, I went to this convention with about a hundred other women from my workplace. It was supposed to be a fun, team-building getaway. You know the type – fun lunches, karaoke, awards shows, prizes for participation, that sort of thing. I thought it was going to be a really good time and it probably would have been – if only the manager of the hotel and convention center knew what he was doing when it came to setting the temperature controls in the banquet and convention areas. The poor guy had no clue what in the world he was doing, obviously. He had the convention area heated up so hot that I thought I was going to melt. And with the heating system running overboard all the time, everyone got really sleepy and no one was paying any attention to any of the speakers on the stage. It was terrible. Then, to make matters even worse, the banquet area was freezing! It was like the facility manager was trying to make up for the excess heating in the auditorium by running the air conditioning non-stop in the banquet hall! We went from heating to freezing, heating to freezing, all day long for three days! It was simply a terrible experience that could have been made so much better with a simple change of the thermostat. I think that the banquet and convention facility would do well to install a programmable thermostat for the entire building – and they should never let the manager touch it!

Tommy the HVAC Mechanic

You just never know what some people are going to end up doing for a living. For instance, my cousin Tommy always said that he was going to be a mechanic and he even went to school for it. He has loved working on cars and motorcycles from the time that we were kids and so everyone naturally assumed that he would get a job working at a garage or even starting up his own garage somewhere. So we were all really surprised when Tommy told us that he just started going to school for learning to do HVAC work! He said that he had done some research and found out that the job market for heating and air conditioning professionals and HVAC techs is really good. He says that he really wants to have marketable skills in today’s job market, and he knows that learning about all types of furnaces and ventilation systems will really help him to compete with other HVAC professionals. I had no idea that he was even interested in that type of work, but he seems to be pretty set on becoming the next Air Conditioning and Heating mechanic, if that’s really a thing! I guess the two professions are somewhat related. Anyway, he could always merge his two loves: heating and cooling and cars. He could specialize in working on car thermostats and heating and cooling systems. I bet that there’s a market for that out there somewhere! Whatever he ends up doing, I know Tommy will be good at it. He’s always had a really good work ethic and I hope this HVAC thing will work out for him.

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Not easy to fly

My Dad went to into the air force, after he graduated from the military academy. While he was in the air force, he learned how to pilot many different types of planes. He flew helicopters, bomber jets, and even commercial planes.  Flying became his passion, and he started to buy old beat up planes. He learned how to restore the propellers and the landing gear. When I was a kid, my Dad would take me flying in an old biplane. I loved working on the planes and learning about the interesting tools. I knew every gauge and knob, and I could fly alone before I was driving a car. I used to love soaring those clouds at top speeds. The only bad part about flying an old plane, was having to deal with the climate conditions. Back when they built those old planes, they didn’t have climate control systems to regulate the air temperature. When the temperatures were hot, the plane was sweltering. When the outdoor temperatures were very cold, we didn’t take the plane outside. It wasn’t very easy to fly under those conditions. Nowadays, all planes and aircraft are equipped with some type of climate control system. It could be a simple ventilation system, but all aircraft are required to have climate control. Large jets and commercial airlines have sophisticated HVAC systems. They are made to withstand enormous wear and tear. They have to be well maintained, because the climate conditions outside of the plane are unbearable. If the HVAC system broke down during the flight, things would get particular uncomfortable.

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Window air conditioner in my bedroom as a kid was horrible

When I was a kid I got stuck housing the home air conditioner system. My parents had one huge window air conditioner. The air conditioner was used to cool the entire house. The house was not very big and the AC unit was quite powerful. Unfortunately my bedroom was centrally located in the house. My room window was perfect for the AC unit too. This meant that all Summer I got stuck with the AC unit in my room. I could never shut my door or the home would be cut off from the cooling. If I wanted to change, I had to do it in the bathroom. If I even thought of shutting the door, my father would scream across the house for me to open the door. I also was freezing all of the time in my room. The AC unit had to be set quite low in order to cool the whole house. Everyone else would sleep on the top of the covers in only their underwear. I had to wear long pants, a sweatshirt and socks while I slept. I was literally that cold with the AC unit in there. The window air conditioner also took up so much room that my shelves had to be taken down. Every year half my stuff had to be moved out for the ugly window cooling unit. Then after the AC left, I got to put everything back together. Finally, the air conditioner also leaked water. I had to keep a bucket under it to collect the water it peed so bad.

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