The market had decent a/c

I enjoy shopping at flea markets and antique malls.  It’s exciting to dig through the clutter and find the one item that everyone else must have overlooked.  The greatest reason that I love going to the flea market is that I enjoy metal designed artwork and furnishings.  Also, the vintage metal toys are adorable. It’s entirely fun to see items that were in my mom’s living room when both of us were growing up now being considered vintage and having some value.  I live in a hot weather region that gets severely sizzling during the summer. So if you sell or buy at the flea market during the Summer you usually endure walking and shopping in rising temperatures that are in the high 90s.  The markets usually offers a section that has an entirely efficient cooling system. As you make it to the building, there is a section that is covered but not equipped with a heating and cooling system. However, even without the A/C program in this area, usually you are ecstatic just to be out of the direct rays of the sun.  As you walk toward the main building you see many heavy double doors. Just from the way they look, you can tell that they are keeping the scarce cool conditioned air behind them. The enclosed air conditioned inner area of the market is the most extravagant space that the vendors can rent. The flea market buyers flock to this air conditioned section to continue their treasure hunt in the cool conditioned air.  Most vendors have to wait up to a year to get an option to sell in the air conditioned area.

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Older car with bad HVAC

I decided about ten years ago that I prefered maintaining a pre-owned motorcar than purchasing a new motorcar plus managing a biweekly car payment plus full coverage insurance–that equaled renting a small apartment.   If the motorcar was always maintained plus is in great condition when you purchase it, you will not incur $300 to $500 a week in repairs plus service. I keep the oil changed religiously four times a year, check the fluids plus if any warning  or indicator lights flash on the dashboard, I instantly have it maintained. I bought an older home that still had most of the original essential services including the heating and cooling system. So I instantly began to monitor plus maintain the gas furnace and air conditioner unit according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.  I made sure the section was clean around plus in front of the unit inside the home. I also cleaned the air condenser unit outside, making certain to remove any dirt or debris that had accumulated over the winter. Before the summertime began, I changed the filter plus started the air conditioner unit. I observed that the heating and air conditioning unit came on at the temperature set on the temperature control, however ran without emitting much cool air.  As I do our pre-owned cars, any sign of a problem I instantly get it inspected. The heater and air conditioner specialist informed myself and others that the initial repair would be over $730. However, she said that the heating and cooling system had not been always inspected. Even with the repair the heating and A/C system would be expensive plus ineffective. Installing a new system would bring myself and others with 60% more efficiency than our original heating and A/C unit.   The biweekly energy savings would validate the investment.

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Getting the cooling system to start

It’s unquestionably amazing living in a region that has all four seasons.  I look forward to the changes of weather, and especially the change from warm Summer temperatures to the cooling lower hot in addition to cold temperatures of the fall as well as when Wintertime ends in addition to the weather slowly becomes breezy in addition to warmer.  There are so many fun activities to do in each season. In the Summer the two of us go to the lake to swim in addition to in the fall the two of us go camping around the same lake. In the Wintertime, it snows so the two of us enjoy skiing in the mountains that are less than an hour away.  The yard labor in addition to service also changes extremely with the weather especially involving our HVAC equipment. One of the greatest outside tasks I have is making sure the outside air condenser stays cleaned in addition to unclogged. Both of us have numerous lovely seasoned trees in our backyard in addition to a lot of leaves in addition to twigs fall in and around the condenser unit.  In order for our heating and cooling plan to run effectively there must be plenty of air flow which the condenser component provides. So, each Springtime before I begin to use the air conditioning unit, I thoroughly scrub the condenser. I begin by spraying down the outside of the air condenser component with the water hose removing any build up of dust in addition to dirt. I also make sure the leaves in addition to twigs are removed from the inside of the unit.  I have to often remind my fiance and his children not to pile their bikes, toys or outside gear next to the condenser as well! This could also hinder the airflow that the air conditioning component needs to function.

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Have to have quality heating

I honestly like being outside.  In fact every day, after I wake up brush my teeth and get dressed, I take cup of tea or coffee outside and begin my day taking in the beauty of nature.  For myself, it is a unbelievable routine that allows me to recalibrate my thoughts and set well organized plans for the day. When it is necessary for me to return inside, I open the doors and windows to bring a little sun inside.  Because I live in a region that usually has hot temperatures all year, I can open my door often to enjoy the hot weather. However, when my roommate comes home and finds the door open and the cooling equipment turned off during the middle of summertime, she thinks that I am crazy.  If it was left up to her the ideal temperature in the home would be 68 degrees always. At that temperature I am unable to function normally and have to use a heavy quilt in the middle of the summertime to do anything. I guess that most people doesn’t enjoy outdoor living inside, so when my roommate arrives home, I shut the door and turn on the A/C system to be fair.  She complains that when she arrives home, now she has to wait an hour or more, for the A/C equipment to cool the home after the doors have been open for most of the day. She also believes that I am putting a strain on the A/C by requiring it to work harder to bring the temperature of the home down. In my opinion, it puts a strain on the A/C component when it has to work all day to keep the home at 68 degrees in the middle of summer.


Outdoor Party and A/C

I was trying to plan my daughter’s graduation party when she threw me for a loop.  I was shopping indoor venues because she was graduating late in the summer from college.  She had worked hard to earn her Master’s Degree in just over two years years and I wanted to have a celebration to let her know how proud we are of her.  The problem was, she came home and said that she wanted to have her party in the backyard underneath a huge tent. She said that she hated all of those banquet hall settings and wanted to be able to relax at home My biggest concern at that point was not having everyone at the house, it was how to keep everyone cool in a tent!.  As I said, she was graduating late in the summer and in our area, that could mean temperatures anywhere between 80 and 100 degrees. I didn’t want people to have heat stroke so I tried to discourage this idea. She told me not to worry and that she had already found a company that could rent portable air conditioners to us. I never even thought of this as being an option.  After looking into it, I found that they not only have portable air conditioners for parties but they also have heaters for the winter months and big a/c units for big companies who want to have big conferences around swimming pools and stuff like that. Apparently, there are even really big portable heaters that can be rented for industrial buildings. My only experience with portable HVAC units had been window air conditioners and small plug in heaters up until this point so I was amazed that this technology even existed. The tent was ordered and so were the heaters making my daughter’s celebration exactly what she wanted.

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A/C for Mobile HOmes

Have you ever lived in a mobile home? I have, and let me tell you, I hated it. You know why? The heating and cooling bills were astronomical! It was impossible to have efficient heating and cooling in that stupid mobile home. The home came with air conditioning and heater as part of the package, and the unit was a well known brand. Unfortunately, though, that did not seem to matter at all. The a/c was always running. I mean constantly. Even so, the house was never cool enough. The thermostat never seemed to register the desired temperature no matter how hard that poor a/c worked. I guess the problem was that there was no insulation, or very little, anyway. Another problem was that our property that the mobile home sat on hat very few trees. Therefore, there was no shade to help out the a/c. I knew neighbors who also lived in mobile homes, and they complained a lot about the a/c bills, too. Our house seemed to be the worst of them all, though, and I think that is because of the lack of trees.  I think that mobile homes should come with a warning about air conditioning. Caution. Living in a mobile home may mean lower mortgage payments, but the a/c and heating bills will be exorbitant. I live in the southeast, so we really used the a/c more than the heater. In any event, if you ever find yourself contemplating living in a mobile home, be sure to add high utility bills into your monthly budget.

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Moving in Mom–

After my dad passed away, my sister and I decided that we wanted our mom to live closer to us. We also didn’t want her to be alone all of the time, so we decided to fix up the guest house on my property so she could live in it. She was completely on board with the idea, but the guest house did need some work. One of the main things I was concerned about getting fixed before she moved in was the air conditioner.  Before, the only cooling system out there was a small window unit air conditioner. It always had to overwork itself to keep the space cool, so I decided to upgrade and have a new HVAC unit installed. After doing some research, I found one that seemed like it would work well for the size of house. It cost a good bit of money to have that done because I had to have ductwork installed, but I knew it had to be done for mom. Summers where we live can be intense, and I wanted to have the peace of mind of knowing that she would always be able to stay cool on a hot day. Now that she’s all moved in she has been really enjoying the space. It’s a good size for her, and it’s nice having her nearby. The cooling system was just what was needed because now the space stays comfortable. All in all, the decision for her to live there has been a good one. My sister and I both were glad that we did it.


Last Minute Getaways–

I think there’s something really fun about taking a road trip at the last minute. Sometimes, when I get in from work on a Friday, and I need to escape, that’s exactly what I do. Last month, I decided that I was going to head to the beach because I hadn’t been able to go all summer. When I hit the road, I had no idea where I was going to stay when I arrived, so I ended up landing at one of the first hotels I came across in the beach town. It was a nice place, but when I made it to my assigned room, I found that the air conditioner wasn’t working. There was a leak, and the floor all around the window was drenched, so I decided to take my stuff down to the front desk to see if I could get a new room. The front desk clerk was extremely apologetic, and she was so sorry for the A/C issues. She assured me that she would assign me to a new room with an A/C that worked for certain. To make things even better, she upgraded me to a suite! The new room had a kitchen and a bedroom that was separated from the living area. The new room would have cost double what the other one did, so I considered myself lucky to have had some air conditioner issues. I don’t think that I’d want to have to run into that problem again, but it paid off when I was given a free upgrade! It made my weekend away that much nicer!

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Fire at a Dinner Party–

One of my favorite things to do on a cold night is have a bonfire and cook for all of my friends. During the winter I probably do this a couple of times a month, and it’s always a great way to wind down and catch up with my favorite folks. However, last week when we had one of these get-togethers, it was far too cold outside to stay there for long, and we ended up moving indoors to take advantage of the heater. To make things feel a little more like our normal routine, I decided to build a fire in my fireplace. Luckily, I already had a lot of logs chopped and ready to go, so we ended up having dinner by the fire even though we couldn’t be outside. After everyone left, I let the fire die down and cranked my heater up a little higher. It was unusual for the temperature to be as low as they were even during winter. I’m so glad I had a back up plan with the fireplace or else it probably would have made the dinner party a little dull. I’ve found in hosting so many parties that atmosphere is everything, and the fire is always the centerpiece of a cold evening at one of mine. Sure, it’s easy to stay warm just by running the heater, but what fun is that? It’s nice to get away from being so dependent on modern technology even if just for an evening. It lets people relax and be a little contemplative for a change, and I love the mood it sets at a dinner party!

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Avoiding HVAC Repairs–

I can’t stand the thought of having to spend days waiting on an HVAC repair, so I take my A/C maintenance very seriously. It’s incredibly hot where I live, and I depend on my cooling system more than anything else in my house. In fact, if I didn’t have it, I imagine I would run the risk of experiencing a heat stroke because of the high temperatures here. To keep from having to deal with an A/C breakdown, I always make sure to do a few things. First of all, I make sure that I change the air filter every few weeks. When I do that, I also take the coils and hose them down so that I can get rid of all of the extra dust and dirt that they’ve accumulated. On top of these two things, I make sure to have an HVAC technician come out every spring and fall to make sure that the system is functioning as it should. I do it during these seasons because that’s when the temperatures are the most mild and the HVAC companies are usually least busy. It’s a good strategy because it allows me to find out if my A/C is having any issues before the hottest and busiest months. Then, I would run the risk of having to deal with a long wait in an emergency. Most people probably don’t put this much thought into their cooling system, but it’s something I have to do! There’s just no way around it because I have to have my A/C no matter what.

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