Restaurant Indoor Air Quality

As I’m trying to enjoy my home-made pasta and salad, I can’t help but feel a bit warm in my dads’ restaurant.  I’ll admit, over here in the corner where we employees eat can be a bit stuffy. However, I don’t remember not feeling the air conditioning over here before.  When I did not feel the A/C here in the corner yesterday, I thought it might be my imagination. However, maybe there’s more to this lack of indoor air quality.  I can’t seem to stop smelling anchovies, so I’m wondering about the ventilation. Even though I’m Italian, I’ve never liked the taste or smell of anchovies, and now I can’t seem to get away from the odor.

            I think that we might have an air conditioning and ventilation issue.  We have an HVAC company that comes by regularly to keep the restaurant well air conditioned and ventilated. I’m sure the heating and cooling professionals can get our indoor air quality back to where it should be.  Afterall, we don’t want our customers uncomfortable in our restaurant with or without a working air conditioning system.

             Almost worse than being too warm while eating, would be smelling the odors given off by foods that another customer has ordered because the ventilation is bad.  We would not want to hear about a bad indoor air quality on social media. So I’ll inform my dad of the lack of air conditioning and the poor indoor air quality in the restaurant.  That way he can have the HVAC provider come by as soon as they can.

Call Me for Your HVAC Tune-up

I live in a desert-like state that has some wickedly hot summers.  I really mean hot, and deadly. If you don’t have a working air conditioning system, you can almost feel like you’re roasting.  Yet, the nights can drop in temperature so fast that you wish you had that summer sun keeping you warm again. That’s why I’m glad to be an HVAC technician.  

              As an HVAC technician, I meet all kinds of people, in all kinds of temperatures and climates.  Whether your A/C has stopped sending cool, conditioned air throughout your home, or your heater has failed to heat your home properly.  I wish to get in there and get my hands on your HVAC unit. I’ve always been good with my hands and with people, so it was a natural to end up in some type of service job.  It is an even more obvious choice when you live in the climate that I live in. With our weather, I know someone has to continually maintain the heating and cooling equipment in this area, so it might as well be me!  In fact, with the extreme weather temperatures that we experience, I encourage everyone to find their personal preferred temperature control.

            That said, to maintain that preferred temperature control, your heating and cooling system MUST be maintained in a preventive manner.  That is in order to be able to use the HVAC system without problems. So call me to check out your heating and cooling system. I’ll be happy to conduct an HVAC tune-up, so that you can maintain your preferred temperature control.

heating and air

What you can find on a HVAC website

There literally is a website out there for anything. Any type of product or service you want, you can find it all online. I am surprised by how many HVAC companies have gone to websites. Back in the old days you had to get out a phonebook or ask around for some HVAC help. Now, you can simply look around online. There is more than one HVAC business option now too. There are many HVAC companies in one town. You can choose a HVAC business for a specific reason now too. Each website is different and every HVAC provider offers something different. Some HVAC companies focus on the air quality aspect. You can get a dehumidifier, humidifier, air purifier or UV lights from these types of people. You can get services like HVAC and duct cleaning or even ductwork sealing. Some HVAC companies are more for basic HVAC installations and tune ups. There are a few businesses that get a little more unique in their products. This is where you can get high velocity AC, geothermal heat pumps or even an electric furnace. What is a nice bonus is now HVAC businesses will put their certifications online. You can see what the Better Business Bureau rated them. You can see if the HVAC technicians are NATE certified. You even can see what the SEER rating is on the HVAC products. How cool is that? Looking for HVAC products and service has never been so easy. All the information you need is right there and you can book an appointment all online.

HVAC rating

Buddy house sat and cranked up my heated floors

I had my buddy Debbie house sit for me the other day and it went horrible. Debbie is not the brightest bulb. I forget to tell her that my house uses heated floors for heating. All I told her was to run the faucets, get my mail and adjust my heater when she needed to. I did not want to come home to any damage. Well, Debbie must not have realized that I had heated flooring and just did not call me. I came home and my radiant flooring system was up so high. The floors were borderline hot to touch. I think Debbie found the thermostat for my heating equipment. I don’t think she knew where the heater was. The weather got to be quite cold though. So I think she wanted to up the heater to a certain temperature. She then just upped my thermostat and left. If you know anything about heated floors, you know the error right away. Radiant heaters don’t need to be set as high as normal heaters. The reason is that the heating is all at the flooring level. No heated air rises to the ceiling. Also, the radiant heater is absorbed into all objects like the couch, chairs and ottoman. Naturally the home feels hotter. So setting the thermostat at around 68 degrees for a furnace is good, but heated floors that is sweltering. I am literally living in fear over how high my bills are going to be with this. I know now that Debbie can’t house sit or we need to go over how heated flooring works.

radiant floors

AC installation should be done by a professional-it gets damaged otherwise

When it comes to air conditioner installation, it is best to leave it up to the professional. You don’t want to have your buddy install the cooling system. They will most likely forget a step or do a step wrong. With air conditioning, it is pretty picky. If you do something wrong, the air conditioner will never work the same. Refrigerant on the initial cooling installation is key. The HVAC technician knows the proper amount for each system. This is as easy as changing the oil on a car. Most people don’t know how to do it, but for a mechanic it is easy. Adding refrigerant is the same. If you put in too much refrigerant, the AC system overflows and leaks all over the house. This damages quite a few parts on the cooling system. Too little of refrigerant is even worse though. You don’t have enough liquid for cooling production. So the air conditioner will work, but grind and wear down the AC parts. Expect big cooling repairs really soon if you mess up the amount of refrigerant. A nice added bonus is that even after correcting the mistake, the air conditioner is never the same. The cooling unit will never be as efficient after that first mistake. It will run longer and harder hours. Also, the AC system will have about half the lifespan that it should. All of this is due to improper AC installation. Don’t take a chance on such a big expense. Get a real cooling professional to handle this set up process for you.

Brother had trouble with the heater install

My brother Ian is super handy to have around the house. He can do drywall, plumbing and any electric work you need done. Anytime I doubt my brother’s skill around the house, he proves me wrong. Because of this, I always call Ian anytime I need work done. I don’t hire outside the family anymore. I would rather pay my brother instead. Well, I should have doubted Ian for heating installation. He had never done anything HVAC related before. But, I decided not to doubt his skills. I had my brother over to install my gas heating system. To buy a gas furnace is expensive. Installing a gas heater costs a ton too. I thought I would save some money by having him do it. Well, after the installation my brother and I realize why HVAC contractors charge so much. Hooking up a gas furnace is really terrible. You had to have or install gas hook ups in the home. Also, a gas heater has a whole flue system involved. It was a real pain in the butt for my brother. He had to look online, watch videos and talk to friends that are involved in HVAC companies. The whole heater installation took him days to complete. It would have taken a HVAC contractor a few hours. I felt so bad that I ended up paying him a ton of money. I saved no money in the process and now Ian is real mad at me for making him do it. I know now HVAC is not the same as home repairs.

gas heater

Hosing and cleaning the a/c coils

Back when I was wrapping up a bachelors degree in college, one of my electives was focused on the basics of computer applications. This class was primarily focused on how to use office programs, such as Word, Outlook and Excel. I enjoyed the class mostly because we delved into the lesser known functions and useful shortcuts that each program offers, and it gave us a little bit of room to bring some creativity to our assignments. One assignment was rooted in using PowerPoint and creating a slideshow presentation on how to do something. We could choose anything we wanted, so I chose the process of cleaning your outdoor air condenser! As a heating, ventilation and air conditioning specialist, I’ve done it more times than I can count – but, I felt that some of my classmates could really benefit from the information I passed on in the slideshow. I started with the obvious stuff, like making sure power to the outdoor air condenser was cut off and verifying that you had the necessary tools for the job. Each slide explained the slightly more technical stuff, like what to use to clean and separate the fins and coils, and how much pressure should be used from a water hose to clean the coils off. I made sure to end the presentation with a “preventive tips” slide, where I explained the importance of maintaining about three feet of open space between the condenser and the surrounding foliage. After all, what good is cleaning up the outdoor air condenser if you’re going to let leaves, grass clippings and more get trapped or pressed against the unit? Aside from dirtying it up, that creates a major hazard for the unit to overheat and shut down. I think my presentation was a huge hit, because I had classmates approaching me for weeks afterwards to ask questions about how their heating and air conditioning systems are acting out!

HVAC maintenance

Weekend at the beach

I’m so excited for next weekend, and I just can’t help it! Next weekend, I’m going to one of my favorite conventions in the entire country – it’s a giant gaming convention held on the west coast, and the convention center where the event is held always has the best air conditioning. I’ve been to countless gaming conventions over the years, and many of them are held in venues that smell, look dirty, and are hot and sticky (or any combination of those three things). It’s a bit much for me to take, so I always look forward to this event since they actually take care of the venue where it’s held. I will admit though, I’m pretty anxious about the hotel we’re staying in for the weekend. I’ve heard mixed reviews from guests, both online and by word of mouth, so it sounds like it could go any number of ways. Some of my friends were there a few weeks ago for a different event, and they said the hotel was clean and had kind employees. However, they said the heating and air conditioning for their room was all out of whack, and constantly switched from heating to cooling the room all weekend. One of my friends got up several times throughout the night to shut off the room air conditioning and heating system, only for it to turn back on by its own volition! Ultimately, I’m just going to need to hope that everything works out for me. If I can’t secure good air conditioning in the room, I’ll just need to make sure I can cool off some way or another. The west coast isn’t exactly known for being chilly, so I’ll need to pack thin, comfortable clothes! That, or stay at the convention for as long as I can, and soak up all the excellent air conditioning in that place.

cooling control

UV lights for the AC to keep it clean

My cooling system is super disgusting. No matter what I do, the air conditioner is always gross. Dust gets into the a/c system all of the time. The air filter is meant to catch excessive amounts of dust. I clean it out once a month, but that is not enough. There is still dust all over my fan blades and near the fan belt. Since the AC unit is so moist, mold, mildew and bacteria form in the cooling system. The condensate drain frequently gets clogged up with algae. I know when I need to flush it out. Usually there is a puddle of water all around it when the algae has locked the drain up. Mold loves forming on my cooling coil. No matter how many times I clean it, the mold comes back. The fan motor belt gets mildew on it as well. Frequent cleanings have never seemed to do the job well. What I have now moved onto is UV lights. I have read that ultraviolet lights are meant for clean machines and air quality. Hospitals actually use UV lights to keep their indoor air quality super clean. The UV lights clean the air before it even goes in the cooling system. The lights are said to stop dust and mold from forming in a cooling system. The expense of the UV lights is quite considerable. But, I think it might be worth not having to clean the AC all of the time. Also, having clean air quality on top of this would be a nice added bonus too.

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Updated to gas heating since power always goes out

The power goes out in my area all of the time. People are constantly messing with the telephone poles and the wiring. Anytime somebody messes with a wire, our power is out. If there is a slight windstorm, the power is out. Too much snow, the power is out. Due to this, my family relies on a gas heating system. We used to own an electric furnace and that was a nightmare. Since the electric furnace needs power to turn on and stay heating, it would always go out. My family frequently would have this expensive heating system sitting around and not able to turn on. Rather than buy a generator and mess with it every time the electricity flickers, we upgraded to gas heating. The gas heater is so much better for our family. The only thing we need to watch is the start up of the heater. It takes electricity to turn on and off our heater. So, if anytime we are worried about no power, somebody turns on the heater. Once the heater is on, the electric can go completely out or flicker. We still have heating power. Yeah, a gas furnace gets dirtier quicker and is not as efficient as electric heating. But, the gas heater is overall cheaper to use and you can’t beat being able to have heating all of the time. It might seem weird to people that my family was willing to chuck an expensive electric furnace. If you have ever gone without heating for a day, you would understand how horrible it is.

gas heater