The HVAC and the sensors for it

All of the buildings in the city are old, plus most of them are in need of huge replaces. All of us were the last business on the block to replace our security plus light systems. When our company decided to go state of the art, they replaced the Heating, Ventilation and A/C system with a technically advanced building management equipment. The building management system works with the lightning, security, plus lock control system. Throughout the building, both of us have about a 100 little sensors. These sensors are strategically put in the building. The sensors help look at the temperature levels, lighting devices, plus the weather conditions control components. The sensors give off the temperature information to the building management system. When these temperature devices malfunction, things can get absolutely uncomfortable. The building management system was think to make our life nicer, but both of us have encountered one problem after one. The 1st week after the modern Heating, Ventilation and A/C system was installed, both of us had software errors. All of us spent a few hours on the iphone with technical support, before both of us could get the door to lock plus alarm. A few days later, the door unarmed itself in the middle of the night. Happily, both of us have support staff on duty all evening too. We could have been burglarized on that time, if someone was not in the Building. This time, the temperature sensors are not working.

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Glad we at least had window a/c

2 months ago, Megan plus I went to visit with her parents. My parents needed some help cleaning out an old storage unit, plus he offered to split the proceeds of our strenuous work. My parents live 1000 miles away from us, so all of us only get to visit once each year. All of us drove straight through each area, plus didn’t stop much except for food plus petrol. All of us arrived to Megan’s parents locale in the late day. All of us found the weather to be miserable plus icky. All of us left the heat plus humidity of the south, hoping for a chilly breeze plus cooler temperatures… Sadly, it was 96 degrees outside. The humidity was worse than at the house, plus there was no breeze in the air! Happily, our dining room had a window cooling unit. My Mom had the a.c component set to 74 degrees. It was sticky plus freezing in the room, and everything felt cold plus wet, because of the humidity in the air. All of us switched the a/c temperature, plus left the dining room door wide open. Really the room felt more  comfortable, plus both of us took a long rest. All of us kept the cooling set to 70 degrees, plus both of us kept the door open at night. I don’t remember a time when it was so warm up north, and I hope it will not be like this every hot season. The best section about going to see Megan’s parents leaving plus coming home, is the cooler summer time temperatures.

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Really want heated floors

Waking up in the morning, I hate setting my feet on the floor.  It is always so terribly COLD in the winter. It is an unpleasant shock when I’m still groggy from sleep.  I’m not happy about shivering before I’m fully awake! I then rush across the floor to reach the small throw rug in the bathroom.  I stay on the rug while I wash my face. I try to always wear fuzzy socks and slippers and I dress in sweaters, even in the house. I do not like feeling chilly all Winter long.  I wish I could install radiant floors in my home. I would tear out my existing heating system and have the pipes installed under the floor. There would be no more horrible shock of chilly feet.  Radiant floors would be such an improvement in comfort and energy savings. Plus the house would remain cleaner and we’d enjoy healthier air quality. I would especially like to switch to radiant flooring because of my little baby girl, who is just starting to crawl.  I feel so bad when her little hands and feet are cold. We have hardwood floors and ceramic tiles throughout the home. I know it is too big of a project to tear them out and install radiant floors. We might be able to retrofit electric radiant floors, but I would prefer hydronic heating.  Hydronic heating would definitely reduce our energy costs and improve overall comfort. Plus, we could set up zone control and only heat those rooms that are occupied. We could certainly save enough to recover the investment. But it would be an invasive and messy project. Our current heating system is not all that great, but it’s not all that old.  We can definitely get a few more years out of it.

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Failed a/c repair

My husband, Mark, likes to think of himself as  a handyman. Mark knows how to tinker on cars, changing the oil and cleaning the spark plugs.  He can even do some repairs on the house. So when we needed to repair the Cooling system in our home, Mark said he was up for the challenge.  I try to be a supportive spouse, but I thought we’d be better of hiring a professional HVAC contractor. I realized how happy he was to tackle this task and so I encouraged him to try it. This was a mistake!  Mark spent a few days just trying to figure out the basics of the cooling equipment. After all his time and effort, he still had to give up. We really needed to fix the AC as soon as possible. This was in the middle of July, and the weather was very hot and humid.  The Summer was especially warm, and the kids were complaining about how overheated the house felt. I went ahead and called an A/C company to send a technician out to inspect the air conditioner. I knew a licensed technician would be able to diagnose the issue. Mark reluctantly agreed. When the HVAC technician arrived, we were amazed by his tools and technology.  He diagnosed the air conditioner very quickly and found a refrigerant leak that Mark never would have spotted. Mark remained outside with him the whole time, asking questions and learning more about servicing an air conditioner. He is still hoping to be able to handle the maintenance and repairs of our HVAC system.

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AC units everywhere

The work I have been doing for more than eighteen years has recently changed offices; I wasn’t truly happy about this because I liked the old place much better. My office was bigger and  I was right next to the community fridge; At this new office building, it’s about half the size plus the overall quality is lacking. I’m not sure why management made this downgrade as a business but my best guess is to try and save some money. Anyways, I really don’t love it here. At the end of the day I went into my bosses office and demanded that he fix the heating plus cooling component in the office, that was the least he could do, he said that they would see about it. I then told him if he didn’t have it done by the end of the week he would need to find another employee. I was truly good at my task, and I knew that he wouldn’t want to look for a replacement for me. The next morning when I walked into the office, there were Heating and Air Conditioning servicemen everywhere. They were busy installing new air cooling units in every individual office. It looked a bit bizarre seeing the contrast of the brand new, shiny heating plus cooling units on the aged walls of the office building. I still missed the old office, although I was thrilled that my boss was willing to be reasonable. When I was about to leave for dinner, my boss strolled over to my office smiling. He asked me if I liked the new a/c plan in my office. I was truly ecstatic, although I kept a straight face just so he knew that this didn’t mean he was on my nice side, not quite yet.  

No public school air conditioner

My husband & I are both professors at a local junior college. Since we both have the summers free, we appreciate doing fun things that most other couples don’t have the opportunity to do in the summer. For example, last year my husband & I particularly wanted to hedt to the beaches for getaway, but when we were looking for where to stay, the hotel possibilities were much too costly for our liking. The two of us ended up finding a reasonably priced rented out room in a person’s beach house. We expected that somebody with a beach house in the sizzling heat, so close to the beach would have efficient amenities such as a/c. However when we arrived late that night,  tired from our travels, we walked into a room that felt more like a sauna. There was no air conditioner to be found, only a single measly ceiling fan! My husband & I were both so tired that we decided we would sleep for now & address this air conditioner problem later. The two of us were both so sizzling hot however, we couldn’t even fall asleep. After a little research online, we found a nearby hotel with the usual heating & cooling units & fresh bed sheets. I called us a taxi & we were out of that muggy disaster of a home. The man who rented that room out can really be expecting a full refund demand, & a single star review, and now we will be somewhere comfortable, my husband & I should have a much better shot at enjoying our getaway.

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Long run of air conditioning

For me, the Summer means workouts and work. There are summer workouts preparing for the upcoming season, plus working at my job! These things go hand in hand for me, because I am always either at one or the other. At 6in the day, I head to go to team lifts plus conditioning. After I finish at that, I head to my job… Unfortunately for me, my job is an outdoor construction job that is strenuous and energy consuming. The one thing that I can always look forward to after a super long afternoon of work is when I get to head home to my beautiful apartment with brand new a/c. In the past, my guy and I had no a/c or real airflow in our apartment… Both of us would just get by with having the blinds shut plus taking frigid showers. Now that I am making some money with my new job, I decided to splurge and get something that will benefit us for the long run. The new a/c equipment that I had installed into the apartment is a beauty. It is an industrial grade cooling unit, which means that it covers tons of square footage space, however our place isn’t that large, so it is nice and frigid inside, just the way I like it. Often time when I return from work, when I feel that frigid a/c hitting my skin I will sit down on the couch and am out like a light for the rest of the night. Sometimes I won’t even wake up for a regular mea;! I don’t know if I could make it through this Summer without that home upgrade… Luckily for us, we won’t have to find out.

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Getting decent cold air flow

I have always been a huge fan of spending the weekend down at my parents fishing cabin. I am a huge fan of fishing as well as the outdoors, so ever since i was a child, fishing was my number one thing to do on the weekend. My mom as well as Dad used to always drive us a few hours to the fishing cabin. But now that they are getting a little older they don’t want to go as often. I decided to head to the cabin by myself for the first time in my life, then when I arrived to the cabin it seemed about the same as it had for the last eighteen years that I had been coming here. It was a bit stuffy inside so I turned on the old air conditioning unit to get some good cool air flow going. After spending a couple hours out fishing, I finally returned back to the cabin! By this time it was pitch dark outside and I was hearing a unusual sound coming from the cabin. I did not want to seem like a chicken, so I put on a brave face and looked around. After a few seconds of investigating, I realized the unusual sound was coming from the cooling system unit! It turns out my Mom had been now working on cleaning the inner now workings of the heating and cooling unit, and must have forgot to take her wrench out of the component when she was finished. That wrench was banging up against the cooling system system’s blades causing a sound that could be in a scary movie.

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The shed air conditioner

This year I had a hard time finding a good Xmas gift for my spouse, for me, he swears he’s got an ace up his sleeve, meanwhile, I have nothing! I think I’ve finally run out of options, and there’s nothing to get the man who has everything, and well, maybe not everything. Last year, my gift to him was a regulation pool table, and nothing too valuable, however entirely something him and the kids could really love in the small garage or in the backyard, however my only concern is, the window air conditioning in the garage has been broken for months! One of our kids “accidentally” clogged a pool cue into the fins and then disfigured them, rendering the window air conditioning device unusable. That’s when I realized I could do a good one better than the window air conditioning unit! I reached out to our regular heating and cooling specialist here in our local town, then I asked for an estimate to install a ductless mini-split air conditioning system for our garage. The cost for replacement was quite a bit high, however he said that ductless mini-split systems are user-friendly, both in application as well as in extremely easy and self done replacement, then i was able to buy the entire ductless mini-split system, and I paid one of my partner’s friends to handle the replacement since he’s an electrician. The look on my spouse’s face when he walked into the garage on Christmas morning, and saw the ductless mini-split air conditioning and heating system keeping the garage moderate and toasty – oh, that look was priceless. Looks like I’m the reigning champion! Yes, it looks like I really am! I did it! Oh yes, I really did it! Yay!

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Harder than it looks-smart HVAC

You wouldn’t know how hard it is to get a smart thermostat put into your house. You see, I signed up for the idea with this one guy who came door to door to sell me on it. I signed up with his company because he was an HVAC worker who talked me into signing up; That guy was awesome, as he was punctual, well dressed and clean, and entirely polite with me, if I had known that this other guy that was to come would be my designated service worker, I would’ve ran for the hills when they asked me to sign up for the plan! The most recent episode of blatant disregard for my nice house and my heating and cooling system came when I asked the tech to install a smart control thermostat unit. He said my house wasn’t going to allow it to work since he has no reception in my house, and truthfully I didn’t even have any clue on what to say to that. The smart control thermostat device doesn’t even work at all using the same medium of communication as a cell or iphone! When I corrected him, he said he would look into it. That was several and several weeks ago now, and after I brought it up to him this week, he gave me a serious big attitude and said he was still looking into it, then come on! Three weeks to a month is way too long to determine if a smart thermostat control device will work at a single particular house.After this recent visit, I guess I’ve had enough – I’ll be calling his company and cancelling my entire smart thermostat and heating and cooling plan. I’ll make sure they’re aware of why I’m cancelling, and hopefully this disgusting tech will be taken care of! And that’s the way it is because I am not one to put up with this kind of rip off! I mean it!

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