This little Sweathog went to market

Since I have been on oxygen, I find that I mind the extreme temperatures.

I don’t really think it has anything to do with the oxygen, but I use that as an excuse to my family. I always was one of those people who doesn’t like it when it is too hot. I am either freezing or I am suffocating from the heat. It is my natural internal thermostat. My thermostat has been screwed up ever since I went through menopause. The doctor told me it would get better once I got through menopause, but that was ten years ago. If my heating and air conditioning isn’t working properly, I’m not a happy person. I can’t handle the huge fluctuations in temperature, because my body does not adjust very quickly. When our air conditioner quit working because of downed wires, I was in misery. I was sweating so badly that I thought I was beginning to smell. The back of my shirt was soaking wet, and I changed it twice. I finally told my husband I couldn’t do this anymore. He took me to the grocery store, hoping the power would be back on when we got home. I stood in the refrigerated section enjoying the cold air coming from the frozen foods case. Finally, I was getting cool again. Because my shirt had been wet, I also began to shiver. My husband worried about me getting sick, so we left the grocery store and headed home. I was so grateful to have the AC on when we got home.


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