The garage is my studio, the car my canvas

I am a special kind of artist, my canvas is a car, my medium is airbrush paint, and my studio is a four car garage.

I have three guys who work for me, but they mostly handle the nuts and bolts of the operation.

They handle the money, deal with the customers, make sure the business stays profitable. They do all of that so I can just focus on the art, and deliver the best car exteriors in the city. These are just paint jobs, these are rolling works of art and I put my soul into every one of them. One of my people who helps me out used to be an HVAC repair tech back in the day. He has been retired for years, but he is a very cool guy and he also knows more about air conditioning than most people ever will. This is important to me, because I like my studio to be very cold, and I have to tendency to overheat my air conditioning systems from time to time. Now I have Gus on staff, and he checks out all the HVAC components regularly, at least once a week, to make sure it never breaks down. He also does a few things around the shop, but mostly I have him here for the AC help and the conversation. He will sit with me while I paint sometimes, but not for long because I like the AC so cold I can see my breath. I think the extreme cooling makes for cleaner lines in my art.


New HVAC technology