The air conditioning isn’t working

My husband and I still use window air conditioners.

We didn’t have any ductwork in our home when we bought it.

There is a boiler in the basement and it works so efficiently that we didn’t want to put something different in. They told us there was natural gas in the area, if we wanted a gas furnace, but gas furnaces scare me. I had a neighbor whose house blew up in the middle of the night, and they blamed it on the gas furnace. We wanted to keep the boiler. We knew our boiler was about twenty years old, but from what we read, that meant we had about twenty years left in it. We didn’t want to put that ugly ductwork in our house, just for air conditioning. We bought three window air conditioning units, and they are perfect for our needs. Now, we are getting older, and we call my daughter to help us put the AC units into the window. Before she had a chance to come over and help us with the AC units, we had a heatwave hit. I picked up the two smaller AC units and had them in the windows. My husband put the insulation around the AC units, so we didn’t lose any of the cool air. About an hour later, I was trying to turn on the AC in our bedroom, but the AC unit wouldn’t turn on. I was afraid that we were finally going to need to start replacing these fifteen year old AC units. My husband came in and looked at the AC unit and began to laugh. Neither of us had plugged it in.


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