My Space Heaters And Wood Stove Helped My Heating System When It Broke Down

Last year right in the middle of the Winter, my heater broke down.

There was a huge snow storm going on, and when I called the local heating and air conditioning company to come out to fix it, they could not get anyone out due to the bad weather.

I was very lucky I had a wood stove and electric oven in my house! Having the wood stove on with the electric oven made it to where it helped heat my living room. With the help of a few space heaters I had in the storage room, I was able to keep my entire family and me from freezing to death! I have to say, if it wasn’t for having those space heaters, I don’t think the wood stove and oven would have done the job by themselves. I was lucky that a few years before, I had found a sale on space heaters at a local heating and air conditioning products store that was going out of business. I picked up 10 space heaters for 200 bucks. That was a major deal! 10 space heaters normally would cost you a little under 900 bucks, based on the prices at the heating and air conditioning stores as well as the hardware stores charge for them. We had the wood stove and electric oven going in the living room with the 2 space heaters, then in the bedrooms, we had 3 space heaters running. A few days later they were able to get someone out to fix out HVAC system, and all was good again.