Climate control helps me to perform my job better

To some people tending bar is a part time job, or a way to pay the bills in between jobs, but for me it is a career.

I have only ever tended bar and poured drinks, and that is all I ever want to do. Everyone has skills, and my showmanship for making elaborate pours for crazy drinks is second only to me ability to talk to people. I am popular no matter the bar, I always get good tips and have fun, because I love my job. If I stop loving the job it means I need to find a new bar to tend. The last place I quit was over the air conditioning. This had been an ongoing problem over the last month or two since starting there, because the owner watched the thermostat like a hawk. He would constantly be nudging the temperature control settings up and down throughout the day, trying to keep it running as little as possible. I told the guy straight up that I needed to be comfortable to do my job, so running the AC should not be that big a deal. The better I am at my job, the more people are going to spend, so I felt that more than made up for the extra few bucks the HVAC system would cost, if even that much. We bickered over the thermostat for a while, and then one day I came in and he had placed a locking plastic box over the top of it. I quit that job on the spot.

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