The air conditions are just terrible

The worst task I ever had was finally working in a video store. The task itself was not too bad. I care about movies plus talking about new movies with people. I did not mind stocking the shelves, cleaning the store or the people I worked with. The only reason I hated the task was the lack of cooling plus the air quality. Working in the store while all of us were in the Winter was amazing. There was more supplier so that meant I worked a shift with three other people. We had better movies to talk about plus sell to people. Also, the store heating plan was great. I could wear dress pants plus a shirt. I was the perfect temperature plus or several fifth shift flew by. The store in the Summer was a whole new critter. The store did not have any sort of a/c. All all of us had was overhead fans. The fans did not do much plus I was usually a sweaty beast after an several fifth shift. The store was slow so I worked alone plus was angry by the end. The worst was that the fans were dirty when they turned on. Nobody cleaned the overhead fans to our expertise. So that meant the dust from the blades went into the air quality. After a shift I was not only hot, however our eyes hurt. They would turn red plus water due to the dusty indoor air conditions. It genuinely looked love I was high off drugs after our shift was over. The drive lake home was almost dangerous by how awful our eyes hurt.

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