More warmth with the oven on

When I was younger, I remember going to Grandma’s new home to bake. She was a fantastic baker, as well as we made everything she could think to teach me. Of all the cakes, cookies, as well as treats we made, our favorite recipe was always her break out cookies. It was a recipe that she learned from her mother, as well as our mother learned it from her. From scratch, we made the dough as well as the icing. The people I was with and I would spend hours mixing ingredients, rolling out the dough, splitting the shapes, as well as then decorating the finished cookies once they had cooled. As much as I enjoyed the baking, there was one thing that I enjoyed even more about it. My Grandma lived in a undoubtedly old house. The heating plan was ancient as well as did not work as well as modern oil furnaces. However, our Grandma was old as well as got to the point where she didn’t want to make any more huge purchases. She didn’t see a real point in upgrading her oil furnace. The one she had worked well enough, as well as she saw no complication with using it for the rest of her life! Whenever we baked, though, the new home was always hot as well as cozy. With the oven on for hours as we busted out batch after batch of cookies, the home office filled with warmth. When we were done baking, our Grandma would leave the oven door cracked so that the heat continued to circulate throughout the room. I just have such fond memories of warm, cozy evenings as well as eating those cookies. Even though our heating plan operates just fine, I find myself doing the same thing at our own house. Whenever I make something in the oven during the Wintertime, I always find myself cracking the oven door for a little extra warmth as well as thinking of our Grandma fondly.

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