Guitar collection and humidity

There are certain things that should not cost a lot of currency, but totally do! For example, the cost of toilet paper is obscene! It is literally thing paper on a small roll, not jewels or gold, then why is toilet paper way more fancy than getting bread or cheese? I suppose items that are super necessary to survival are allowed to be fancy. I will spend money anything for toilet paper. I will mortgage my house in order to have it; People must feel this way about heating; My boiler plan recently quit on me & I needed to get a modern heater. I had a price point in my head & then did some research. I had to up that price considerably, and heating systems are so fancy! What is terrible is that the actual equipment is a price & the upgrade of the furnace is another cost, but you need to spend money the Heating & A/C corporation to come in & do the work! Sporadically the Heating & A/C corporation gets paid hourly, but after doing some research, I genuinely wanted to get hydronic heating. I wanted a modern boiler in the basement that is hooked to piping that goes within my floors. You would swear I am trying to buy a country instead. The price of that heating plan & upgrade was so much… Even the electric heated flooring opening that doesn’t use a boiler was a bit much. At this point I am looking at the smallest oil furnace I can find for my home. That is genuinely all I can financially & mentally afford to spend for heating.

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