I do think automation is key

My wife and I work together in building management.  If you do building management, you understand how diverse and specialized the job can be.  It seems that the building management industry and the building automation can change without any warning.  If you aren’t right on top of the business, you are going to fail in the business. My wife and I met when we were in college.  We ended up going to a lot of the same classes for BATC, VAV Box DDC Controls, and DDC Controls. I really thought she was cute and I wanted to say hello, but I had to concentrate since the classes were going to give me my BMS certification.  By the middle of the classes, we were not just dating, but we doing all of our studying together and getting ready for our certification test. My wife and I now team up and work in the building management industry. We make such as great team because we are opposite.  I have the ability to look at the big picture and see it as it is, but my wife can only look at the details. This is a good thing because she is able to suss a lot of little details that I am unable to find. Owning our own business means that we need to be sure to take all of the classes available so we can keep our certification.  There are workshops to give us the new updates on building management. I know that building automation and management may sound a bit boring to most people, but we find it exciting. We love working together and our work means we are doing what we do best.

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A thermostat that controls everything

I know that most people, unlike myself, never give a second thought to their furnace once summer arrives.  I would like to say that I totally forget I even have heating system in the basement, since the weather is so nice.  I don’t think anyone really wants to be reminded that they will eventually need to once again put up with the ice and snow.  They especially want to be reminded of the high heating bills that go with the high energy bills. To be honest, however, I do give my heating system second and even third thoughts during the summer.  I want to remember so I also remember to have the maintenance, repairs, and tune-ups done on the heating system, before the winter actually arrives. I look at doing maintenance on the furnace, like doing maintenance on my car.  I would never think about taking the car on a long vacation before I do a complete tune-up and maintenance. Why would I consider allowing my furnace to run for the winter, unless I have done a complete tune-up on it. I would hate to think that I had forgotten to have the maintenance done on my furnace and in the middle of a snowstorm, it would quit working.  Without the heating, I would be responsible for allowing my family to freeze. I would rather spend some time in the summer, preparing my furnace for winter and calling the HVAC company to do maintenance repair, than to have that kind of guilt laid on me. With just a few short hours, I go into winter guilt-free and I can still enjoy my summer.

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We are cleaning all the tile

Whenever you hear about a awful storm that has devastated a town, it can be difficult.  At times there is loss of life, which makes the struggle even harder. They always show community members who have lost their homes or loved ones in addition to they are simply trying to pick up whatever pieces of their lives remain in addition to transfer on.  I recognize fortunate that this type of thing doesn’t happen much in the space where I make my home. The thing I assume about most is the fact that professional cleaning teams, especially after a flood, must go through in addition to wash and repair everything the water touched.  In some cases it means major rebuilding and demolition, however in others, just a great cleaning. Many insurance companies work with commercial cleaners that go in a restore a house or office building or even store to what it was before the disaster happened. They bring in a crew that does everything from drying out curtains to cleaning in addition to disinfecting the carpets in addition to floors to removing mold and mildew.  In more than 2 cases your home can look like nothing ever happened when they are done with their professional restoration and cleaning of the place. The cost of this cleanup in covered by insurance most of the times in addition to you are simply responsible for paying the out of pocket costs of your policy. I genuinely recognize terrible for those hit by these type of events although I am quite pleased that there are professional carpet in addition to cleaning companies that can come in in addition to help provide a bit of normalcy to their lives afterward. The individuals that do the professional cleaning and restoration must be truly dedicated.  I am sure that they have witnessed things in addition to cleaned things that most of us could not bear to put up with. They are paid for their time and expertise however they must have great compassion for suffering in order to do that task.

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A cleaning service can really free up your day

My partner & I searched for a really long time & finally found, what both of us thought was, the perfect place for us.  The two of us negotiated to spend money more than than the listed price however agreed to spend money the seller’s fees at closing. When both of us first saw the place for us it was a beautiful fall day.  The owners had left the windows open & the whole place for us smelled fresh & clean. Now, it had been closed up for nearly a month & both of us l gained suddenly that both of us would be in need of some professional help.  The two of us unlocked the door & were met with a wall of stench like you wouldn’t believe. Apparently the previous people were smokers & everything was coated in smoke. The two of us could whitewash the walls, mop the floors, & get rid of the blinds & that would help, however both of us concluded that both of us needed to do more, most of the home was carpeted wall to wall & both of us couldn’t afford to totally get the floors redone.  Our only hope was to hire a professional carpet cleaning contractor & try to remove the smells. When the workers pulled up in the drive that assured us that they would use industrial cleaners & deodorizers & both of us would never even remember that the smell was ever there. They said that they would need a good bit of time so my partner & I headed out to see a film & have some lunch. When both of us got back to our place, there was a notice on the door letting us suppose that the carpets would require another day of drying time before putting furniture on them.  The two of us waltzed through the door to fresh & wipe smelling air & both of us were unquestionably relieved.

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I couldn’t tell if that was smart

My sister and her husband had been living in Southern California for quite some time.  They called us a couple months ago and told us that they were planning on moving back home.  Her husband has his own business that installs self monitoring security system. I wasn’t so sure that our area had much demand for self monitoring security systems, but he planned on bringing his business with him.  A self monitoring security system is one where the homeowner purchases the security system and they do their own monitoring. The good thing about the self monitoring security system is that other than the cost of the system and the installation, there are no other fees.  The negatives are that you need to have the monitor connected to your internet or wireless at all times. AFter the connections, you must have a Smartphone or a computer so you can see the cameras. My brother-in-law is really good at what he does and I’m sure he’ll get some customers to keep him in business.  He even offers the monitoring program but it will cost the customers a service feel. The nice part about the monitored security system is that you don’t have to worry about the internet going out and the cameras will still be getting monitored. A lot of his customers have chosen to not have the self monitoring security system.  They prefer to have someone else monitoring their security system. Personally, I think I would rather have the monitoring done for me. If there is a security breach, the security company would be calling the police and not me, and I would have less anxiety over the situation.

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A RFID card

Ian & I were sent out to a heating & air conditioner repair task. The job was situated in one of the wealthy areas in our area. My best friend Ian & I were distraught & curious to see the house. Ian and I pulled into the driveway, & both of us were greeted by a video surveillance system. A sizable gate swung open, after both of us announced our arrival. Ian and I drove the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C task van all the way to the back of the house. My friend Ian & I got out & walked up to the gate. Both of us were greeted by a man in a suit, who asked us to park the van in the side of the building. My friend Ian & I walked inside & met with the owner. Both of us discussed the heater & air conditioner job, & the man showed us around his mansion. The whole venue was a Smart House. The man worked for a software sales company, & the entire house was wifi connection, each time both of us walked into a bizarre room, the Smart House greeted us. As Ian and I walked into the room, the Smart House said what’s up, & provided us the temperature & air quality levels in the room. The owner of the smart house could adjust anything, just by using a voice call system. This was actually the most technologically-advanced smart house that I have ever noticed. My best friend Ian & I spent all afternoon installing the new heating & air conditioner device.

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My friend is scared of bees

There is an old saying that says don’t poke The Hornet’s Nest. Well my friends plus myself know exactly where this old saying comes from. My friend John was outside in my backyard with me plus we were genuinely playing Cowboys plus Indians. More than one of us were climbing in the trees, when the people I was with plus myself genuinely heard the sound of these. John thought it would be a good idea to get a really long stick plus start poking at the nest to see what happens. I was young, dumb, plus really stupid, plus I thought that was a good idea too. John and I searched the woods for a long piece of shoe Mac tree. We fashioned a sort of poking stick from the thing in addition to got to work poking at The Hornet’s Nest. John plus myself did not realize they were Hornets at the time, until they made a beeline to attack us. John in addition to myself ended up with 13 bites on our bodies. Our parents were mad that we decided to play with a nest of bees, plus my mom grounded me for 2 weeks. Not only did John and addition to myself out all of these bites all over our body, but we were in trouble to boot. I was guessing sorry for my friend, because he poked at the nest and ended up with a lot more bites than I did. John was covered in welts in addition to hives, and it was clear those bees were pretty ticked off for us bothering their nest.


Spending my time outside

Some days previously, all of us drove to the place back near Hill Country where everyone of us lived previously. No one wanted to see family or relatives, but all of us particularly decided to go to a corporation that we remember from our first date. Everyone in my group was particularly caught up by the free horses grazing on hay near the front pasture. My eye was definitely caught by the brightly colored sign that was right outside the farm. A farm beekeeper as well as person had a large sign that they could sell profitable honey made from a direct line of bees. I easily believe that all of us could make a fantastic profit if we took a few jars back to our friends as well as family. All of us drove down the dirt road to see this honey. All of us were particularly happy to see all of these samples of honey. All of us took a drive to a green barn where the purple awning showed three different types of honey. This place had Tupelo, Wildflower, and Elderberry honey. Most of the honey was clear as well as brightly yellow and color as well as filled with honeycomb chunks that looked as clean and new as day. This lovely honey was definitely more beautiful than I’d honestly seen before. All of us were not bothered by the prices, which seem to be less than our local grocer. They had weird sizes of jars, as well as huge containers. All of us spoke with The Beekeeper for a few minutes as well as left with 5 jars of local honey.

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Why go with dual fuel

The weather in the section where I live is a constant concern. We have fairly short summer season seasons, however the excessive humidity & high uneven temperatures make it impossible to get by without air conditioning. The Winter Times are long & brutal, with uneven temperatures well below zero & dangerous wind chill. The Springtime & fall are unpredictable & rarely mild enough to go without either heating or cooling. Because of relying on temperature control nearly all year round, my daily utility bills are a big area of the budget. To optimize comfort & efficiency, I chose a dual fuel system for my home. A dual fuel system is far more costly to install than most other types of heating & cooling. However, the unit has paid for itself in energy savings. A dual fuel system combines a forced air gas oil furnace with an electric heat pump. During the warmer weather, the heat pump provides air conditioning. It works on the same principle as a refrigerator, simply moving heat from 1 arena to another to create a cooling effect. It is more energy efficient than a conventional air conditioning & achieves superior dehumidification. When the weather starts to cool off, the heat pump reverses direction to bring ambient heat into the house. There is no burning of fossil fuels, eliminating any fear of carbon monoxide poisoning, fumes or tepid surfaces. Plus, there’s no orange house gas emissions, making the system actually environmentally friendly. However, the heat pump can only manage uneven temperatures down to thirty-two degrees. At that point, the oil furnace automatically starts up & handles comfort for as long as necessary. The combination of the heat pump & oil furnace lessens wear & tear on both, leading to longer repair lives & less opportunity of malfunction.

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Want to invest in a good air conditioner

I went without central air conditioning for a actually long time. I live in an section with actually long & drastic Wintertime weather, & the furnace is a priority. Because of the short summer season season, air conditioning isn’t necessary. Most people get by with portable cooling units, open windows & box fans… However, the outside temperature often climbs into the high nineties, & the humidity is ungodly. My house was overheated, sticky & horribly uncomfortable. I hated leaving the windows open because of the security risk. Plus, I didn’t appreciate providing access to bugs, pollen, dust, exhaust fumes & noise. I’d often wake up in the middle of the night because of a barking pet or traffic sounds. I was continuously vacuuming, dusting & battling mold & mildew. When my daughter started having troubles with pollen irritations, I used this as my excuse to invest in central cooling. Because I already have a forced air oil furnace in arena, I was able to use the existing ductwork & air handler. I also took advantage of a manufacturer’s rebate to further trim down the replacement cost. I unquestionably didn’t care how much it cost because I so badly wanted a whole-house cooling system. I now keep the windows closed, adjust the thermostat & prefer the perfect temperature. The outside heat & humidity make no difference to indoor comfort. The system is quite energy efficient, runs quietly & provides exceptional air filtration. I keep the windows shut & securely locked, & my house remains much cleaner. I start up the central air conditioning at the first sign of Springtime & keep it running until the actually end of fall.

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