Wanted to have a good heater

When I was younger, my buddies and I used to go up to the ski lodge nearly every weekend.   We spend the evening around the old fireplace that was the focal point in the room. There was seating 360 degrees around the fireplace and everyone was in sight of the fire.  We met quite a few girls and we had a lot of laughs. The last time I was there with the guys, I met my future wife. She was also a lover of skiing and a year later, we were married at the ski lodge.  To commemorate that amazing time in our lives, we make our way up to that same ski lodge every year, on our anniversary. We always get one of the luxury cabins that has the HVAC system and the fireplace with a huge rug in front.  We have the ability to get room service in this cabin. We can spend our time on the slopes during the day and at night, we can come to the room, get warm in the jacuzzi and sit by the fireplace. We always have the furnace turned low, so that if we fall asleep and don’t put extra wood on the fire, it stays warm in the room.  We don’t let the thermostat turned high, but just low enough to keep the chill off. The fireplace is a very romantic thing to have in a room. You snuggle by the fireplace and make place for the future, or just relax. Without that fireplace, I may not have my baby boy right now. I’d have a fireplace in my home, if I wasn’t afraid of ending up with a dozen kids.

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