Want our radiant heater set up

My sibling is definitely one of those kinds of people that just can’t leave well enough alone. He typically wants to find more effective ways to do something, whether it’s because the process is quicker, uses less energy, or some other reason he uses to explain it. However, my sibling doesn’t get that occasionally, you just can’t improve something that’s already at its best! He especially has a challenging time getting this through his head when it comes to keeping his condo sizzling or cool in the Winter season and summertime, respectively. During the Winter season months, my sibling will actually put a bunch of rocks in a pot of water on the stove, boil them and then place them inside a bag on the ground. This is his “cost-effective” solution to heat the residence! Nevermind that he could simply rely on conventional area heaters, or radiant heated floors. Instead, he makes the choice to use the energy to boil a pot full of rocks, only to get heat from those rocks for maybe a couple of hours at most. It’s worse in the summertime season, as he will place a bowl of ice in front of an oscillating fan. He actually thinks this is a superb way to cool the air, but something like this already exists – and it’s called a swamp cooler. The actual difference is, a swamp cooler can supply a distinct level of humidity with the cool air it creates, and can keep absolutely working for a long while. His “homemade air conditioner machine” only works as long as the ice doesn’t melt! There are just some people who totally refuse to accept that there’s a better way, simply because they didn’t actually think of it first.

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