Very noisy heating component

My lady and I have only been dating for a few weeks. I started spending the night at his home last week, and it was quite an experience. He lives closer to my job, however I didn’t want to ever spend the night until both of us were ready. Things have been going genuinely fantastic between us, and both of us didn’t feel like it was a good idea to rush into anything. I spent the night last week, and I kept hearing this one unregular sound in the middle of the night. Every time I heard that single sound, my lady assured me that it was just the ancient home sounds. It seemed strange, and I definitely didn’t hear any of those sounds in my ancient apartment. Since my lady was sure, I didn’t believe that there was much more to do about the weird sound. I spent the night again on Sunday, and I eventually heard the same weird sounds. I told my lady that it sounded like the noise was coming from the gas furnace.My lady genuinely thought I was crazy. Last night, she texted me while I was at work. My girl was genuinely surprised to come to his home and find no heat. When the rental home director came to check on the gas furnace, he found out right away that it needed to be replaced. The rental home director told my lady that the gas furnace was likely going to be running poorly for several afternoons, and asked if it was making any weird sounds. My lady told the director about my noisy gas furnace claims, and they both agreed that I was apparently due an apology. Good thing my lady ¬†knows that pancakes, eggs, and bacon are my number one meal of the morning.