The car heater and a/c update

Most of the people in my friends group have lavishly nice cars. They bought cars and trucks that are either new or only had a few years of age on them. My car is 15 years old, and there is visible rust on the door, trunk, and roof. Most of the people in my friends group have tons of cash to go out to fine dining establishments, fancy clubs and bars, and exclusive art gallery events… I do not have that kind of extra currency laying around for any of these things, because I instead chose to buy a loft when I was 21 years old. I finished law school and started working the second I got out, already making a heap of capital in the first few years alone. I wanted to buy my very own house because my whole family and I consistently lived in apartments my entire life… Now that I am a few years older though, I have a loft to my name and a lot of responsibilities I didn’t expect. It’s genuinely taxing to see my close friends go out and have a fine and worry-free time while I am stuck at my place incessantly worrying about the heating and air conditioning component on the fritz. Last weekend, I was supposed to go to the movies with my neighbor and best friend. The two of us were going to see the most recent Marvel Comics movie, and he and I were both really excited. I had to call and cancel at the last minute though because my home’s heating and air conditioning system was making a different hissing sound I had never heard before. It was supposed to be entirely cold that night, and I didn’t want to take any chances with the HVAC system. I canceled the movie night with my friend and immediately made an appointment to see the heating and air conditioning specialist. My friend came over after the movie and told me it was a total blast; but while he was explaining all of the huge action sequences, I was instead signing a long bill for a pricey heating and air conditioning repair.

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