Our ductwork is so big

My son started his first job ever a few short weeks ago. So far, he genuinely hates the site. I can’t blame him all that much, because I could not rest genuinely working in that particular venue either. My son works in a Pizza Shop, but he only works in the back area. There is not much airflow in the very back of the building, because the a/c is located up in the front. Both of the important air vents for the a/c are also conveniently located in the front of the building. That leaves truly little air flow all the way to the very back by that dishwasher. Last weekend, the hot and cold temperatures experienced outside were in the 90s. My son came to the apartment after genuinely working a 5 hour shift, and he was beyond drenched in sweat. I asked if he was genuinely working outside, and he shamefully told me that he was washing dishes. My son was flushed and red from being overheated, and I was a bit sad with the owner of the pizza shop. I could not go and say anything to the shop owner, and I didn’t want to supply my son a convenient excuse to quit the job. The next morning, I went to the nearest hardware store and found a small battery operated fan. I gave it to my son that night for work. He took the fan to work, and tried to use it to increase the air flow. For whatever reason, his jerk boss would not allow my son to use the fan for better airflow. I honestly thought this was preposterous, especially since the fan as battery operated. I finally told my son that it was ok to quit the job and look for something cooler.