Not happy with the HVAC in college

I think that every student about to go to college is lacking in one area.  They get their brochures and their online tour of the campus. They get to go visit the campus and  maybe spend a weekend there. They still aren’t prepared for the real thing. Someone should tell them how to dress for the college.  Someone who is well familiar with dorm living and off campus living should need to sit them all down and have a heart to heart. There is no dress code for most colleges, but there needs to be a dress code for the students.  If you are going to be a dorm resident, you need to know that there is only one thermostat. Althought there is heating and air conditioning in most dorms, most likely it will be the house parent who holds the key to the thermostat, so it gets set to where they want it.  If there is no house parent, the superintendent of the building will probably be setting the thermostat according to the HVAC budget that is set for him which means little heat and probably even less air conditioning. Off campus housing means you will be doing a lot of walking.  You need to dress for the outside weather, but be prepared for the HVAC in the class rooms. No two rooms are alike. You need to carry something that will keep you warm and be able to still be covered but be dressed for the hot rooms. I always wore a scarf, because the AC came down from the ceiling, and my chest would get so cold, it was sore.  Scarves and sweaters was always a must in my backpack.