Not able to handle the heating

I dislike the tropical temperatures sometimes. Sure it’s nice to honestly be able to spend a day at the beach 9 months out of the year, but the temperatures can easily swayed during the winter seasonal weather. During the middle of March, the winter and spring are backing up next to each other. The tropical temperatures can be quite a problem from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday. The temperatures significantly very, and one day can be cold, while the next is warm, humid, and unbearable. Last week, the people I was with as well as myself were swimming in the pool on Monday. It was hot and humid, and the outdoor temperatures or scorching. By Wednesday, the outdoor temperatures were in the 40s. My wife wanted to turn on the heat pump to combat the cold air, but I advised against it. The heat pump would be expensive to run for a single day, and I felt we would get better use out of a small electric furnace. I only spent $20 at the hardware store to buy the small electric furnace, and my wife and I can use it instead of paying for the heat pump to run for a couple of days at a time. With cold temperatures in our entire condo, at least we have a warm plus inviting room in our bedded area. This electric space furnace is cheap and effective, and much better than paying an arm and a leg to use the heat pump during the warm temperatures. That furnace is awful if there is no one to help.

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