Must have installed the heating system wrong

My wife and I had radiant heated flooring installed in our bedroom, about eight months ago.  We have loved knowing that winter comes, we will have wonderfully warm floors and room. Earlier this week, we turned on the radiant heat because it was so cold outside.  I was about floored to realize that the heating wasn’t working. I picked up my phone and I called the HVAC company. They told me they had a long list of callers because of the cold snap, but they would be in touch with me in a couple of hours.  I got a phone call two hours later and they asked what had happened. I told them about the flooring and how the heat wouldn’t turn on. They sent someone to our house that afternoon. When the technician arrived, the first thing he did was to go the thermostat and make sure it was working properly.  From there he went down to the boiler system, but he could find any problem there, either. He then called back to the HVAC headquarters and asked them some questions. Their resident plumber was set to arrive an hour later. In the meantime, the HVAC tech was in the basement looking up at the ceiling.  I thought it looked kind of funny until the plumber arrived. I figured out that we had a broken pipe. They were going to try to fix it from the basement instead of ripping up the flooring. I am hoping that I don’t get charged for this bills, since my warranty is still intact.

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