Have experience in HVAC

I have been a certified Heating and Air Conditioning tech for over 25 years and I wouldn’t want to be anything else in life. I get paid wonderful and I am able to help people everyday. ]My child has been able to see how much I have loved doing what I do everyday, and now that he has graduated from high university, he asked myself and others if he could work under myself and others as an Heating and Air Conditioning Apprentice. I was genuinely surprised when he asked myself and others this because I consistently thought he wanted to go to university, but I sure was blissful that our child was interested in an Heating and Air Conditioning apprenticeship. As the first month passed our child and I worked on multiple projects together fixing Heating and Air Conditioning units and installing heating and cooling units but I was beginning to see that life as an Heating and Air Conditioning repairman might not be for our son. He was a difficult worker and consistently got along with the families that all of us will be in contact with. When it came to being able to problem-solve and repair an Heating and Air Conditioning device no matter if it was a newer version or an older version, our child was not able to do so. at the end of the first month I had a conversation with our child that I thought was a bit hilarious in all honesty. I told him what I thought about his potential as an Heating and Air Conditioning repairman, and that it might not be for him. My child just laughed and said “ I guess dad and I am already one step ahead of you. I was already planning on telling you I am going to try university instead tomorrow!” and after that I both shared a superb laugh. I really do love that our child tried to follow our footsteps and become an Heating and Air Conditioning repairman, but I guess you will be much happier and more successful if he takes another path in university.

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