Happy to update to zone control

My friend and I wanted to finally strike out on our own.  We found this absolutely adorable little apartment that was perfectly suited to us.  It had two bedrooms and a bathroom attached to each bedroom. There was one huge room that was living room, dining room and kitchen.  It was really efficiently set up, and I was surprised to find that there were thermostats in every area of the apartment. I assumed the thermostats would be in the bedrooms and the bathrooms.  I even assumed there would be one in the huge room for the living, dining and kitchen area. I was surprised to see they had that area split up into two distinct zones for the Zone Control. I would have thought that one common thermostat would serve to heat or cool that entire area.  I had the opportunity to talk to the building maintenance man and I asked about the two thermostats in that area. He told me that we had electric heat. It was easier to attach a thermostat to each heating and cooling unit that it was to have separate thermostats. Apparently there were two HVAC units in that area.  I found one HVAC unit conveniently hidden in a corner of the kitchen and it served the kitchen area where the apartment door opened to the main hallway. I supposed the HVAC unit was placed there to compensate for drafts, while the other HVAC unit was near the living area window and it would help to cool and heat the remainder of the area.

ductless multi split