A good heater and a/c component

Oftentimes, the lot of us find ourselves in situations that are so strange, so odd or so unreal that you have to pinch yourself just to see if you’re in a dream… Maybe you’re at an eating establishment, and you witness a fight breaking out across the dining space! Or, maybe you just happened to be in the right locale at the right time, and got the deal of a lifetime on an up-to-date computer system! There’s no shortage of experiences and encounters that the lot of us can go through that leave us asking if this is really happening to us. Just last week, I had such an experience at my residence. It began when my typical heating and cooling system serviceman called to tell myself and others that he wouldn’t be able to make it to my up-to-date residence in time to perform a Heating and Air Conditioning ductwork cleaning as I had requested. I was entirely bummed to hear it, even though he hastily recovered by saying he had his trainee coming out to my up-to-date residence instead. Since the less experienced Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman was coming to perform this official cleaning, my usual service guy told myself and others that he’d be lowering my bill significantly to make up for the trouble we were facing. From the way he described it, this guy coming over to my up-to-date residence would be more trouble than he was worth! That couldn’t have been further from the truth to be entirely honest! The individual who arrived at my up-to-date residence was truly professional and polite, and hastily got to task on scrubbing my whole system of ductwork clean. Since he finished the job earlier than expected, he used the extra time to inspect my heating and a/c machine, making sure that it was functioning as intended and didn’t actually require any service… When I asked what the bill was for his services, he smiled and simply told myself and others not to sweat it. “Call it exposure if you would like”, he said, “I was just happy to help you all out!” What a stand-up person!

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