Way too much business

My sibling and I have a terribly busy HVAC business. My dad started the heating equipment business, when he was a young man! When my sibling and I were old enough to learn about HVAC equipment, he started to teach us the trade. My sibling and I learned pretty much everything from Dad, and the two of us were able to repair any heating equipment before the two of us were able to drive a car. My sibling learned plenty about HVAC equipment in the Army, and I went straight to work for my dad. Even though the two of us both chose a totally different path, the two of us still ended up running the family business. My dad retired a little while ago, and my sibling and I have been swamped with the amount of work. After talking for weeks and weeks, the two of us eventually decided to hire another individual to work alongside both of us. My sibling and I interviewed several different guys, until the two of us found somebody who seemed right for the job. He also learned about HVAC equipment work from his dad. He was a Nate certified service professional, and he had a special certification in refrigeration repair work. He wanted more currency than my sibling and I offered, so the two of us discussed the hire for several afternoons. My sibling and I did not discover any other individuals that seemed passionate about HVAC equipment. We soon decided to extend an offer to the Nate Certified Technician, and the two of us made the offer for more than he originally asked for. The two of us did not want someone else to grab the guy, because the two of us took our time to make the decision.

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