Uneven a/c situation

I am currently trying to pay off our student loans, while also covering our car payment, insurance and rent.  I’m now working at an entry level position and not making a lot of money. While waiting for a promotion, I’m living in a crappy little home because of the cheap rent.  The home is not in the greatest location and all of the appliances are seriously old. The oven smokes, the freezer isn’t chilly enough, and the faucets all drip. The windows leak air and yet are painted shut.  There is particularly little tepid water and the toilet runs continually. The A/C struggles to keep up with demand. A few weeks ago, I noticed that the A/C was barely putting out any cool air. I cleaned the air filter, however that made no improvement in performance.  I then called our proprietor, who promised to come look at the cooling unit. I waited more than two days and then called him back. The proprietor again promised to check the A/C. I waited many more days, and decided to take a look at the A/C myself. Although I have no idea how to repair an A/C, the problem was rather obvious.  The outside component was sitting at a extreme tilt. I’m guessing this caused all of the refrigerant to drain to one side and impacted its ability to cool the apartment. I found a board that I was then able to wedge under the component to level it. Once the A/C was sitting level, it started performing much better. Not only does the A/C supply way more cool air, however our weekly utility bills are lower.