They mess with the thermostat all of the time

My bestie and I have booked a 2 month trip halfway across the globe in a few months! The two of us are still young and don’t have a immense amount of money, so I thought it would be smart to babysit for our neighbors to make a little extra cash on the side; When my friend and I go on this trip, neither of us want to have to miss out on doing activities or eating out just because we didn’t budget enough money. Right away, I realized that his babysitting gig wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. The kids seemed fine but everything else was not; For starters, it was uncomfortably warm in that house! Even though it was still early fall the heated gas gas furnace was on full power. One of the multiple rules that I was told to obey while babysitting these 2 kids was to NEVER adjust the heated gas furnace and to never turn on the air conditioner. The kids were used to a warm home, and apparently the air conditioner is difficult to turn on and off. One day while the kids were taking their nap, I was actually so overheated that I was getting upset about it. In the heat of the moment, I decided to turn on the air conditioner for a quick moment to cool off. Instantly, I regretted this decision. It was as if the air conditioner activated some kind of loud beast. Not only was it loud, but it was as if it was shaking the entire room! I tried to shut it off, but the unit was so seasoned that I couldn’t figure out how. I eventually had to call their parents to have them come and shut it off. I had already woken the kids up from their naps, and they were not ecstatic. I guess I might need to look for another way to save up some money on the side!

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