The weather and a/c

Did any of you assume the major effects of the storm the other evening? Every one of us were resting out on the screened-in back porch. Our fire pit was going strong and the people I was with and I were enjoying the gentle warmth and the crackles when the people I was with and I started to assume some rain coming in. The air cooled down undoubtedly abruptly and the rain seemed to come out of nowhere. There was no weather forecast for storms, rain or exhausting weather. Every one of us hustled inside and no sooner that that I shut the patio doors behind us, the storm clouds let loose. The thunder and the bolts of lightning were atrocious and menacing, but you could almost assume the scorching electricity in the air each time the storm clouds would send a lighting bolt ripping across the night sky.

Every one of us are constantly careful about protecting all of our electronic units for things around the lake lake house that could be affected by a power surge. Naturally, the people I was with and I were quite frustrated to find out the next day that our a/c was now on the fritz. Turns out that a power surge caused our entire central air conditioner to shut off.

Every one of us put in a call to our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business and they said they were able to send 1 of their Heating, Ventilation plus A/C specialists out to come out to check on things. He said that the people I was with and I were the first of numerous service calls he was tied up to make that day.  All service orders were for blown a/cs and ruined heating or cooling components. The professional looked over our entire Heating, Ventilation + A/C system. It turned out being the starting capacitor on the AC unit that needed to be changed out. He replaced the starting capacitor, flushed out the lines and changed the air filters for superb measure. The next thing you know, our a/c thankfully fired right up! The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C professional reassured us that the all of people I was with and I were taking all the proper surge protection precautions and advised this storm was probably just an exceptionally electrified fluke.

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