The sizing & installation of heating/cooling equipment is more important than the model –

Within the next year, I plan to replace the forced air furnace and central air conditioner in my home.  This will be a very large and costly project, with a big impact on the comfort, efficiency, and health of my home.  I hope to make smart decisions and enjoy maximum return from my investment. I’ve spent the last six months researching different manufacturers and models of heating and cooling equipment.  I’ve read customer reviews, consumer reports and asked friends, neighbors and family members for advice. I’ve learned all about advanced technology, modern engineering and innovative features.  I’ve figured out that choosing a reputable and conscientious HVAC contractor is more important than the make or model of the equipment. The furnaces and air conditioners are all very similar, with virtually identical features and warranty coverage.  The reliability, capacity, efficiency and longevity of the heating and cooling system is directly influenced by the integrity of design and installation. Very often, HVAC contractors will oversize the components simply because it’s easier. Rather than take the time and effort to accurately calculate heat gain/loss, the just recommend a larger system.  The bigger system costs more to both purchase and operate. It will then heat up or cool down the home so quickly, that it will never reach full efficiency. It will also start up and shut down more frequently, creating temperature swings and suffering excessive wear and tear. This will lead to malfunction and shortened service life. I need a contractor who will perform a J Manual load calculation to determine the exact size of furnace and air conditioner necessary for my home.

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