No ac at the office

Jury duty is nothing to look forward to.  This past year, the summons could not have come at a better time for me.  I am not allowed more than two excuses to miss my work. I’ve had co-workers look totally miserable, with a fever and throwing up, but they have no choice but to come to work.  There are only a couple of sick days that we are allowed to take within a year’s time. Thankfully, as is legally required, the boss has to allow us to participate in jury duty. The reason I was so thrilled that I was called for jury duty at this  time was because it was the end of July and the air conditioner at our offices had malfunctioned. It was an extensive malfunction that required several days to repair. Our office manager estimated that the air conditioner would take probably a week to fix.  It took several days just to schedule an appointment with an HVAC contractor. Because it’s a commercial HVAC system, the repair are more complex. The air conditioner unit failed on a Saturday evening. My jury duty was scheduled to start Monday morning! Not only was I getting a week off from work, I was also not going to have to suffer through the heat and humidity  in the office without air conditioning. My only hope was that the jury duty would continue just long enough for the Air Conditioning unit to be fixed, I hoped that when I returned to the office, it would be comfortable again. I was relieved that the air conditioner system installed in the courtroom was so powerful. I did feel bad for all of my coworkers!

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