Just a little cooling really

Here in the Sunshine State, the Summer weather can be unbelievably hard to content with. It’s never out of the ordinary for temperatures to climb up and over 100 degrees during the middle of the day, and there are are always showers on the horizon coming our way. That of course leads to even more humidity in the early morning hours as well as the rest of the day. There is nothing you can do to stop it either, since the indoor thermostat and related HVAC system is your only real defense! The Summer humidity and heat can be nothing short of exhausting for the A/C system as well as the homeowner, and since the home and its A/C system is constantly running, we fear that our air conditioning unit will not last another half-decade at best! In order to help the indoor air quality improve, we have since decided to purchase a small portable A/C unit that we can house in the main living room of the house. Fortunately, there wasn’t any trouble with us finding something to meet our needs. The local hardware shop had a handful of options and special fittings for us to choose from, and they also gave us a peek at the online catalog where even more customization awaits! But for now, we chose something small, yet powerful and still very quiet. The portable A/C unit helps the air quality in the living room most of all, as the living room is on the other side of the house. Our central A/C unit doesn’t cool the room well, and when my partner and I added an additional small A/C unit in the dining room, the people I was with and I felt this unbelievable difference in the air quality! With both A/C units running, our Summer utility bills will be quite high – but that was totally worth it, because our home is finally comfortable for a change.

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