Intense air filter changes

Owning a pet is definitely no small responsibility. Dogs and cats become members of the family, and we have to take the best care of them. That is not too tough as long as everything is going smoothly… However, if your pet gets sick, you can count on having some pretty hefty bills flowing in. I speak from experience because my pet is just getting over some bizarre illness. So, after trying to manage it myself for around 3 weeks, I finally gave up and took her to the vet. The vet bill was over $200, and I was told if she didn’t get better by next Friday, I would need to do a whole lot more. Of course, she didn’t get better, and so it cost me more. The other thing that is going to cost me a great deal of money, though, is the air conditioning equipment. You see, our pet is running a fever… Even though it is now winter, it is seriously tepid where we live. Normally, I would not use the air conditioning equipment and would just open the windows and use the ceiling fans. However our pet has to have the air conditioning equipment on all the time with this condition. If I don’t keep her thermostat reading low, she will likely have some serious repercussions. So, here I sit, running the air conditioning equipment all day even in the winter season. Granted the cooling costs will not be quite as high as they are in Summer because the Heating, Ventilation & A/C equipment doesn’t have to operate as hard, however still. The air conditioning equipment is not free, however of course our pet is worth it.