HVAC settings by my roomie

I am a legitimately generous person and I never like to argue with people. I have always been non confrontational, but in college, I learned that there is a time and a place for confrontation. During my freshman year, my roommate is what could be described as a complete nightmare. She was dirty, loud, and she even touched my things without my permission. All of this was annoying, however things truly got terrible once the Winter began. My roommate was the type of person who was constantly moderate no matter the time of year. Whenever she came back to the dorm room, she would promptly shut off the heat and go to bed. Being as quiet as I was, I just accepted this and would wake up in the morning shivering from the cold! After about a month of this same routine, I finally confronted my roomate. I started drilling her about how rude she is and insisted that we use the heater given that it’s the middle of the winter! My roommate who is such a loud person was so shocked she didn’t have anything to say at all… I’ve never seen her be that quiet. She apologized and assured me that I could run the heater whenever I saw fit, she just turned it off in an effort to save money. I am all about being nice to those around, and I still don’t like to argue when I don’t have to, but there’s a time and a place to put your foot down!

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