Happy with the HVAC equipment

Last month, I went shopping for a brand new & current heating & cooling system. I had been shopping around for quite a while not knowing what kind of heating & a/c proposal to get. I went around to a handful of heating and cooling companies in the area and asked for information and opinions on assorted heating & cooling components. The HVAC workers provided me with information on everything from a ductless mini-split unit to radiant heated floors to window air conditioners. I even received information on some fancier models that included humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers, but I don’t think I have a need for all of that. On top of all these different heating and cooling models, there was also the choice between several types of thermostats that would be on the wall that include choices such as dial thermostats, digital thermostats & smart thermostats. You control a smart thermostat using your PC, laptop or iphone through an app, & you can have it turned on or off when you are away from your home! It sounds entirely awesome & innovative! Also, the smart thermostat detects and recognize the most frequently used heating and cooling settings in your home. The smart thermostat then automatically adjusts your home to your favorite settings. I have decided to go with a standardl heating & cooling proposal with the smart thermostat, and just because it sounded awesome! In addition to being cool and operating efficiently, the smart thermostat will cut our utility bills. I am very excited to get it installed!

HVAC mechanic