Happy to get that little air conditioner

In my neighborhood, there is an old man who is always being seen riding around in his pick-up truck. He will go around slowly with an arm hanging out the window and getting baked in the sun while searching the area for junk and recyclables that he throws into the back of his truck. I think that sometimes he just takes a bunch of it to the dump, but I actually think he may fix a lot of it up to sell to local pawn shops. I only met him a few times, but every time I spoke to him he seemed really nice. Last time when we spoke together, I got on the subject of how warm my house was. I needed something to cool my house without having to spend the five thousand dollars that I would actually need for a new air conditioner. I asked the man if he knew where he could find one of those old-school window units. Then I could at least have a couple of cooler rooms. He nodded wordlessly before hopping into his truck and driving off. He came back about thirty minutes later with a window AC unit in the back of his truck. I didn’t know if he had one lying around his home, or if he just knew where he could find one. Regardless, he found one for me in less than an hour. I gave him a hundred dollars for getting it for me. He said that was too much for the unit, but I insisted on letting him take it. He then helped me bring the unit inside to set it up. It worked perfectly, minus the fact that it smelled a little funny. The fabulous air conditioning was worth the bad smell for a few days.

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