Frequent cleaning in the air vents

I have quite a few pets around our house… I have a cat, a dog as well as a pet hamster, having multiple pets can cause a lot of problems with the air quality in our home! There is regularly a lot of pet hair plus pet dander around the locale. The hair plus dander gets up in the air vents of our heating plus air conditioner. This has cost me a lot of money in heating as well as a/c repairs plus ductwork cleaning. I am having to call our local heating as well as a/c company to send out a certified heating as well as cooling specialist to clean our ductwork, air vents plus general a/c plan plus our heating plan regularly because of all the pet hair plus dander caught in the vents! It is certainly costly having to do this all of the time. The a/c plus heating plan regularly alerts me when this happens thanks to our smart thermostat that is on our wall. The smart thermostat is certainly smart! Not only does it guess our desired temperatures in our home, but it also alerts me when the air vents are seeming to be congested. This smart thermostat was a blessing when I got our pets for this genuinely practical reason! I love our smart thermostat almost as much as I love our pets. The smart thermostat has made a large change in our life. If you have pets, you should consider getting one. Also consider getting your ductworks cleaned by the local heating plus cooling company as well! You’d be surprised at the difference in air quality.

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