Changing temperatures

After a grueling week of rapidly changing temperatures that hovered near zero, every one of us are about to experience a tropical heat wave.  Tropical heat wave may be a bit overdoing it, however it is going to get up into the forties for the next week. Everyone is actually happy about the sizzling up and it was even the top news on the local news station.  People were happy about having an early Spring. The weather reporter reminded them that it was only January so they shouldn’t go overboard. I suppose the best thing about this brief sizzling up has more to do with giving the furnace a rest for a week or so.  We’ll still be using the furnace, however it won’t be running so hard. Our exhausting furnace was having a taxing time keeping up to the demand every one of us were putting on it. The temperature control in our study room was set to sixty-eight, yet every one of us were unable to get it above sixty-five.  That meant that it was really cool in the house. I have to laugh, because they are saying forty-five for the high on Monday, and most people is acting like it is summer season. One guy said that it was putting him in the mood to go camping. I have camped in forty degree weather, and it is not fun. Of course, most people don’t use tents nowadays.  They have their travel trailers that have heating and a/c. If I had camping like that when I was younger, I may have not disliked camping nearly as much as I do now..

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