A new air quality

Living in a very warm region is charming – if you love being hot all of the time. But if you are more like the rest of the population, or like me, then living in a region with an endless summer time gets super old in my opinion! Of course, both of us do get about a month of actual “cold” weather, though it’s nothing what some of my northern family members contend with. Besides, getting through a few weeks of cold weather is nothing if you know exactly just how to handle it! My secret weapon is a dehumidifier, which works in our favor for every day of the year when we’re home. I’ve noticed that when the weather outside is hot plus humid, the dehumidifier works incredibly well to dry out the inside of our home, and that in turn makes it easier for our home to cool down in the summer. This is because the air conditioning system isn’t trying to cool the air as much as it is trying to cool the home itself. In the Winter time though the dehumidifier still proves useful for the same purpose it’s in there for. There’s no sense in having a furnace at our home since there’s only a few weeks of cold weather each year, so I instead choose to rely on our electric heater more often than not. People tend to worry when I talk about using a portable heater, but you know what, portable heating systems are much safer now! Most of them come with failsafe systems, so that the unit will automatically shut off if it gets over a certain temperature. Plus, a normal heating system will honestly be really hot and it’ll warm up the home or the room itself much quicket. Whatever you choose it’ll allow you to stay cool and comfortable.

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