Using a boiler to heat a swimming pool

I just bought an inground pool and I am obsessed with using it. The pool was super expensive to get. I have to pay for pavers and a fence around it as well. Since it was such a high expense, I want to use the pool all year. In the summer it was no issue. The cold pool felt so refreshing and amazing. Now it is winter and the air is quite cold. The cool water does not feel so good anymore. I am contemplating getting a heating system for the pool. Yes, buying a heater will add more money to my pool purchase. But, by spending a little more money, I can use my pool an additional four months. I have shopped around and not found a pool heater that I like. Most of the ones from an actual pool company are super expensive. You then have to get someone to hook it up for you. At least I have to get a professional since I am not handy at all. I then did some research and found an interesting fact. A boiler system can be used to heat a swimming pool. You need to hook piping to the home heater and then have the pipes extend to the pool. The boiler then can heat your home and provide heating for the pool. How great is that? I won’t even need to buy a heater since I own a boiler. It is not far from the pool either, so that means hardly any piping. I am super excited to swim in a heated pool.

hot water boiler