Toughing it out driving a bus with poor climate control for a decade

I was a city bus driver for 25 years. You sure do end up meeting a whole lot of different types of people. Some can be curt and rude, others are particularly polite and kind, but most want nothing more than to mind their own business and get where they need to go. For the first 10 years on the job, however, I had to deal with something on a regular basis that makes even the kindest person cranky: little to no climate control. Our city’s transportation system desperately needed an upgrade for the longest time. I was driving people around in buses that were far too cold in the winter and steamy hot in the summer. I myself had the benefit of this tiny fan on the dashboard, but it did practically no good to me. During the coldest mornings, I noticed that most people remained silent, huddled in their hats and jackets and rubbing their hands together for warmth. Practically no one was in a talkative mood on those mornings. During the summer, however, I seemed to have an increase in fights on my bus, and I have no doubt at all that it was the dreadful heat that was getting on people’s nerves more than anything. That is why when we finally got much nicer, climate-controlled buses, I leaped for joy. I and the commuters that I drove around had to deal with the worst buses imaginable for a full decade. I felt so spoiled when cool, refreshing air came pouring from the vents in my bus that first summer we received an upgrade. And it was just as cozy in the winter, because the heating systems where excellent!

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