Toilet won’t flush when I was sick and vomiting

A month ago I wanted to see a movie bad enough that I booked the tickets, made the plan and got my boyfriend’s parents involved. Everybody was all geared up to go the movies. The day we were supposed to leave I got super sick. My boyfriend and his parents had to leave me behind. I was vomiting and running to the bathroom every few minutes. Of course, this is when my toilet decided it was not going to flush anymore. Nothing is worse than a toilet repair when you are vomiting. I could not get anything to go down the toilet. The handle would have slack in it and would refuse to flush. I could hear the toilet draining and draining. I tried to do the toilet repair in between hurling. I took off the tank and then was shocked that all there was were two things. There was a chain and a little cap called the flapper. What was I supposed to do with that? I tried shortening the chain and tightening it. Nothing fixed the drainage issue. I finally just gave up and filled a pail with water. I learned that trick from my mom. You fill the toilet all the way to the top and the water automatically flushes. That saved me from so much embarrassment. I made sure to have everything down the toilet before my boyfriend and his parents came back. I even cleaned the toilet for them. Once they arrived I informed my boyfriend he had to deduce the toilet repair if anyone needed to use our bathroom.

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