Puppy likes the heater

My bedroom is the farthest place from my heat pump, and sometimes it can be several degrees colder than the rest of the house. Instead of jacking up the temperature on the thermostat, I decided to buy a small portable heater just for the bedroom. The portable heater only cost me $12, and it has a temperature dial as well as an on-off switch. It also has a special button on the bottom, which alerts the heater to shut down if the heater is tipped over. My wife and I use the portable heater on nights when the outdoor temperatures are downright frigid. A few days ago, we brought home a brand-new puppy. She is a very cute pitbull with one black eye and one white eye. She is the cutest puppy I have seen in years. She isn’t potty trained yet, so she has been sleeping in a crate. She howls all night, even though she has been fed, watered, and pottied. I thought she was cold, so I moved the crate a little closer to the portable heater. That seemed to help the puppy, because she actually started to calm down. She still whimpered and whined for a few minutes, but she eventually settled down and fell asleep. The night I moved her crate in front of the heater, she slept for 5 hours before waking up. That was the longest night of sleep I have received, since bringing the small pitbull home. I don’t know if the portable heater worked, or if I have finally worn her down, but I was happy to get a few hours of sleep that night.

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