I am going to move where weed is legal

With the subject of legalizing marijuana in the news all the time you would think that it is a new and upcoming discovery.  Many people don’t think about how old the plant is and what it has been used for throughout history. If you are fan of old western movies like I am, I am sure you have seen the Native Americans sitting around smoking a Peace Pipe.  This was not the only way the plant was used in history. The plant itself was found to be very strong and made sturdy ropes. The roots and seeds were used for various ailments too. Even back before research labs and chemist, people understood the benefits of the hemp plant.  It was used for pain control, relaxation, and smoked during religious ceremonies or war negotiations. Its mind altering effects gave people the ability to sit with others and maybe see a different point of view. Now, there is all this hype about making the use of marijuana legal and how it will affect the general public.  If it makes people more peaceful, I say I am all for it. The negativity and anger that so many people seem to feel these days and the inability to see another’s point of view may be made better if people are allowed to use marijuana on a more regular basis. We could take a page out of history and maybe learn something from the people who used this valuable plant for so many positive things. Maybe the Peace Pipe should be used in our Government where our leaders can’t seem to agree on anything.  Wouldn’t that be something to see?

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A blog about marijuana

For years, I suffered from terrible migraine headaches, with no relief.  I am not alone in this problem. Thirteen percent of the population in this country deal with migraine headaches.  85% percent of migraine sufferers are ladies. It is the sixth familiar illness in the world, plus the resulting cost of healthcare plus lost productivity adds up to $36 billion yearly.  A migraine is way bizarre than a bad headache. When I suffered a migraine, I dealt with a throbbing plus merciless pain along the front plus sides of my head. My esure would be sensitive to light, plus I’d get sleepy plus nauseous.  Sometimes I’d even throw up. The doctor prescribed several medications, but these helped actually little. After studying up on the long-term side effects of the medication, including liver plus kidney disfigure, I started looking for something safer plus more natural.  A friend of mine commanded medical marijuana as a natural remedy. I was a little unsure about this, so I did some studying on the subject. I l acquired that in a recent study, the participants were given a combination of the cannabinoids THC plus CBD. In the first phase, bizarre dosages of the numerous were administered to figure out the most effect level to treat migraines.  Given 200 mg of THC plus CBD for 3 weeks, patients reported a 55% reduction in pain. For the hour stage of the study, the volunteers were chop into numerous groups. The first group was given THC/CBD supplements, plus the hour group took amitriptyline, which as an antidepressant plus a conventional treatment drug. The cannabinoid therapy proved far better at both lessening the frequency plus pain of migraines, then with such apparent potential in medical marijuana as a treatment for migraines, I knew I needed to give it a try.  There are none of the harmful side effects of traditional medicines, plus it’s much less lavish. Fortunately, medical marijuana has recently been legalized in my apartment state, plus I’m able to take advantage of her natural plus safe remedy.

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Complaints with plumbing at office building –

For the past ten years, I’ve been employed by a small insurance agency in my hometown.  Our office is located in an outdated brick building on Main Street. While we’re in an advantageous location with nearby parking for our customers, the situation is not the best.  The age of the building results in some frustrating problems. Hardly any updates have been made over the past twenty years. The electrical system is a bit worrisome and provides an insufficient number of outlets to handle our needs.  We are constantly blowing fuses and losing power. The Heating and cooling system is barely adequate, makes a tremendous amount of noise, pollutes the indoor air and struggles to keep up with demand. The building is overheated in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. The worst of the complaints is definitely the plumbing system.  The water pipes are corroded, and we deal with clogged sinks and toilets on a regular basis. We keep a plunger accessible and always have a supply of chemical drain cleaner on hand. There’s often a very unpleasant smell in the office due to the septic. The faucets are discolored, barely functional and drip steadily. I can’t even imagine how much water is wasted due to drips, leaks and the toilet running non stop.  I’m suspicious that there’s a leak somewhere beneath the floorboards because the area feels damp and spongy beneath my feet. My coworkers and I have repeatedly suggested that the owner contact a licensed plumber to service the pipes, drains and fixtures. While a plumber won’t come cheap, some preventative maintenance would certainly save money in the end.

Remodeling laundry room is easier with help of plumber –

I thought that remodeling the laundry room would be a fairly simple project.  The house is extremely old and nothing had been updated in that particular room.  The floor was ancient, cracked and ugly linoleum. The walls were crumbling plaster covered in hideous and stained wallpaper.  The window let in freezing cold air in the winter and bugs in the summer yet refused to open. The overhead light was a single, dangling bulb that operated from a chain pull rather than a switch on the wall.  There was no storage for laundry detergent and fabric softener and no countertop for folding clothes. Plus, the washer and dryer were over twenty years old, definitely not energy efficient, loud and not effective.  While there was a lot to do, I figured that the whole project would rely on a lot of time and labor. I assumed the most expensive part would be the purchase of the washer and dryer. I also planned to handle the whole thing as a do-it-yourself project.  Unfortunately, when we tore down the walls and ripped up the floor, we found a complete mess. The water pipes were corroded, not up to code and had obviously been leaking for a very long time. Most of the floor joists and some of the studs in the walls had rotted from moisture.  My husband and I didn’t feel capable tackling the installation of brand new pipes. We also decided it would be more convenient to relocate the washer and dryer to the opposite side of the room. I ended up hiring a licensed plumber for assistance, and it was a smart decision. The plumber had recommendations for the layout of the pipes, placement of the drains and even made suggestions for the make and model of washer and dryer.    

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Buying a home in the country and dealing with the problems of hard water –

After living in a cramped apartment in the city for several years, my husband and I were eager for more space and privacy.  We were tired of wasting money on rent every month and ready for our own home. We found the perfect house, way out in the country, surrounded by fifteen acres of woods and meadow.  Although the house is older and in need of some renovations, we fell in love with the huge front porch, enormous backyard, and hardwood floors. Because we’d always had the luxury of city water, we were not prepared for the problems associated with well water.  Although the well on the property produces an amply supply, the water is extremely hard. The water is of such low quality that it smells like rotten eggs. There’s no way I would every consider drinking it. We are forced to bring in a steady supply of bottled water for drinking and cooking.  The well water destroys everything it touches. Our hot water tanks last a maximum of five years. The abundance of calcium, lime and rust accumulates in the tank, corrodes the metal and often causes a rupture. It also impacts the lifespan, efficiency and performance of the washing machine and every faucet in the house.  I clean the aerators of the faucets every single month, but there’s no way to keep all of the water pipes free of buildup. I can’t use a dishwasher because of the water spots and rust stains. All of my white clothing and linens are permanently stained, and I’m forced to clean all fixtures with horribly harsh chemicals.

Doing some home repairs

My family and I recently decided to do home renovations. The house has been in our family for generations and was passed down to me when my mother and father decided to move to a warmer climate. I have always loved the old farmhouse, but I knew it was time for some changes.  The thing I have always hated the most about the house was the old heating system, so I knew it needed to go. The heating vents are small and on the floor, and never seem to blow out enough air. The old furnace often stops working and the furnace repairman has been telling me for years that I should get a new HVAC system put in. This year, I decided that I did not want to continue to buy expensive propane and just invest in a new heating and cooling system. It took me a long time to make the decision to get a new HVAC system because I was concerned that it was going to be an expense I could not afford, however, once I looked at several different companies and received a few quotes, I realized that it was worth the investment. Now, instead of worrying about costly repairs to the furnace, I just need the HVAC techs to come out once a year to look at the system to make sure it is working properly. I also do not need to worry about getting propane delivered, and making sure there is enough of it, for the upcoming winter season. I am happy with my decision to get a new HVAC system.

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I do love Florida sun

Tampa, FL is actually one of the biggest cities in the state. They are well known for tourism, only second to Orlando. There are a thousand things I enjoy doing in the area. You can actually access any of the attractions in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, or any of the other Tampa Bay area cities. My wife plus I took a getaway to Tampa not so long ago. We actually have been living in FL for a little over 20 years, plus neither of us have ventured to the Tampa Bay area ever before. The two of us decided to book a hotel in St. Petersburg, because it was so much cheaper than the hotels near the beach. I can’t even imagine how expensive those hotels are during the peak season. My wife plus I stayed in St. Petersburg, but we also accessed the Tampa Bay plus Clearwater part as well. The two of us were able to visit some local eateries, while we were on getaway. My wife plus I also chose to spend the afternoon in Ybor city. That was a pretty good time for us. They have a few interesting historic buildings, plus there are at least a dozen odd shops that have hand rolled cigars for sale. My wife plus I picked up an especially nice cognac dipped Cuban. The two of us enjoyed an afternoon at the beach in Clearwater as well. The two of us packed a good lunch plus had a lovely afternoon. The two of us barely had any time to rest, because we had little time and there is so much to see plus do in the Tampa Bay plus Clearwater area. My wife plus I did not have any time to visit the Dali Museum, plus that was on our list. We are definitely going to plan another trip to Tampa, FL for the future, so we will have the opportunity to see all of the things that we happened to miss.

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Investing in a water softener to increase longevity of water heater, pipes and fixtures –

Because of hard water, I found it necessary to invest in a water softener.  The water softener has significantly improved quality of life while saving me money.  My skin and hair feel better, my linens are softer, and my appliances run more efficiently.  Before installing the water softener, we used to be forced to replace the hot water heater every three years.  As the hard water passed through the water heater, the minerals in the water quickly built up. It didn’t take long for those deposits to prevent water from reaching the heating element within the heater.  Sometimes, the hard water would corrode the tank and lead to a rupture and a flooded basement. Since water heaters are expensive and should last for a minimum of ten years, improving the longevity has helped to recover the cost of the water softener.  The water softener also benefits the integrity of our water pipes, drains, faucets, sinks and tubs. Everything hard water touches is negatively affected. The aerators in faucets and pipes can easily become clogged, leading to diminished water pressure and repairs.  The shower heads in the home often became so obstructed with scale and mineral deposits that cleaning wasn’t effective, and they needed to be replaced. I used such harsh chemicals cleaning the faucets, tub and sinks that I removed the finish. The water softener has eliminated these problems, along with decreasing the amount of soap, shampoo, laundry and dish detergent we use.  Soap simply doesn’t lather as well in hard water. It can cause hair to look dull and flat. It leaves a film on skin, encouraging the use of more soap to feel clean.

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Fall and spring in the south

During the fall and spring seasons in the southern region where my family and I live, the temperatures can drastically change throughout the day. Typically, it is cool in the morning, but the temperature will increasingly rise during the day and then drop back down dramatically during the night.  Last spring, however, we had a strange event with our thermostat. We would go to bed and wake up freezing. The thermostat would be set to a much cooler temperature than either my husband or I had set it too. For days, we would go to bed warm, but wake up to the air conditioning running. We checked the thermostat to make sure it was set correctly, then would go to bed, but the air conditioning would turn on during the night. We could not find a solution, so we had to call in the air conditioning and heating repair techs to come help us figure out the problem. Luckily, our heating and cooling system was working fine, but our thermostat was broken and was not reading the temperature correctly. So, when we were setting the thermostat, we were setting it to a cooler setting than we knew.  The HVAC tech told us that we would need a new thermostat, so rather than having the same style of thermostat installed, we decided to invest in a smart thermostat. The installation of the smart thermostat was very simple and the HVAC tech was able to do it in less than an hour. We now have an application on our phone that allows us to control the thermostat and we can easily adjust the temperature in our house.

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Ybor City

The Tampa Bay, FL section is known for its wonderfully rich subculture, hot & inviting weather, & a number of City attractions. Tampa Bay, FL is most definitely one of the Premier tourist destinations in the whole state! While several families decide to visit the theme parks in Orlando, Tampa Bay, Florida, is very popular for its museums, parks, & miles of nice beaches. The Tampa Bay, FL section is home to Tampa Bay, Clearwater, & the City of St. Petersburg. All of these places are actually very close together, & any trip to Tampa Bay should include going to visit an attraction in all of these places! For me, the most exciting place to visit in Tampa Bay is the Florida Aquarium. I seriously could spend all day in the Florida aquarium, just trying to touch the Stingrays as they roam by. Another enjoyable place to go in Tampa is the Lowry Park Zoo. They are home to several bizarre Florida mammals. In Clearwater, FL, there are thrilling activities when you visit Sand Key Park. Sand Key Park is located on the beach, with room for picnics, frisbee, & surfing. If you are visiting the St. Petersburg area, you should consider going to the Sunken Gardens. The Sunken Gardens is a butterfly aviary with hundreds of Florida plant species. There are hundreds of interesting things to do in the Tampa Bay area, & there is something for basically everyone. Even Ybor City offers something totally new & exciting for the  regular traveler. Whether you prefer to be indoors looking at paintings or touching the sea grass, this Florida tourist destination offers quite a few things to see & do.