No blizzards for Christmas

I am so fortunate that this year we have been able to get through the holidays without a single weather disaster! Every year as soon as Halloween as ended, my area is generally subjected to at least one major blizzard, and usually right around the time everyone is travelling for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I distinctly remember one year my parents and I were trying to beat an ice storm home on Christmas eve, and we nearly got stuck in a traffic jam instead. I love a white Christmas as much as the next New Englander, but trying to get around in winter can be a nightmare. Making plans this far north between the months of October and May is always met with the “as long as the weather holds,” which is New England code for “as long as we don’t get a foot of snow or a major ice storm that day, I will see you then.” Well, this year has been largely snow free with just a few dustings here and there. Myself and my HVAC system are so grateful, because this means my utility bills haven’t been suffering. The high winds during a blizzard can make it hell on my old farmhouse to stay warm during the winter. But since the weather has been calm, my oil boiler is enjoying a nice break from its usual endless cycles to keep us all comfortable. I know global warming is really terrible, but right now its saving me a lot of money, so I will enjoy the benefits while I can.

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