Need the best air quality

I grew up largely inside my own head, with books being my only outlet into a world I could only see through glass. It isn’t like I was the boy in the bubble, but my health was in such a fragile state back then that environmental and climate issues affected me intensely. I had trouble breathing even on the nicest and most cloudless of days, so when the heat and humidity picked up, and the allergens and pollen was thick in the air, I was forced to be a recluse. So I watched a lot of movies and read a lot of books, and tried to do things I could enjoy while staying in the protection of the HVAC system. The air filters pulled most of the pollen and allergens from the air, and the dehumidifier in the system kept the moisture levels low. While I was inside, and the HVAC system was regulating the air quality I breathed, then I was usually in pretty good shape. It would have been nice to go outside and play more, but I had a lot of freedom in the house, and it wasn’t like I could take the air filters outside to play with me. These days my life isn’t much different, but my house is bigger and my HVAC system is far superior to the one I grew up with. I have a lot more books, still read a lot, and still like to sit and watch kids playing outside from within the comfort and protection of my HEPA air filters.

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