Need an air purifier because winemaking smells

My roommate Evan has gotten into making wine. He makes the wine in our basement and the smell of it wafts into our house. You wouldn’t think wine would smell bad, but in the fermenting process it does. The yeast with the wine is what reeks the worst. I get sick of the smell and it lingers on my clothes. Everywhere I go I get a whiff of that yeast smell. I am thinking of getting an air purifier for our home because of it. The air purification system could install right into the HVAC unit. When the heating or cooling comes on, the air cleaner gets to work. The air purifier is literally made for removing odors from the air quality. It also will make the indoor air quality fresher in the process. Certain models of air purifiers are quite cheap. The kind I want that will fit with the HVAC is expensive though. I want my roommate Evan to buy it. The reason I need an air purification plan is because of his wine making. He spends a ton of money on carboys, agave, sugar and yeast. Spending a little bit on air purification should not be an issue. He also gets complete access to the basement. Evan is being a bit of a pain on buying it though. He says he hardly notices the scent. I think the wine is going to his head and has burned out his nostrils. The odor is too awful and he needs to fix it so I don’t kill him.

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