My brother was shopping for a house and with my knowledge of real estate, I am trying to help him, A potential buyer buyer can be so taken by a piece of property, that they fail to notice things which could create a big problem in future, Termites can be quietly eating away at a beautiful building, and without a thorough inspection, the home buyer would never know about this. By the time the problem has been identified, half the house could already have been eaten away.

             Another problem could be the HVAC system in the house. The house could be all that the buyer could want, but with ductwork corroded with bugs and rodents. When we turned on the HVAC unit in one house, the place stank like a corpse or two was hiding in it. In the house my brother ended up buying, the HVAC unit was old and almost worthless, However, we agreed on a deal with the seller to reduce the price by the cost of a new HVAC unit. My brother wanted the latest in HVAC products which was quite costly. The seller was not exactly thrilled by that idea, so he and my brother haggled till they came to a price they could agree on.

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