Mom moves in

When my Dad died, I knew my Mom would be lonely. My wife and I tried to convince her to move, but she didn’t want to leave the family homestead. I understood, but I was worried about my Mom. She spent two years living alone, until she finally decided to move in with us. When my Mom called us with the good news, we were both ecstatic. I wanted my Mom close, especially with two small children. They love their Grandma so much, and having her close was going to be great. My wife and I decided to turn the formal living room and formal dining room into one large suite. My Mom has almost 500 square feet to herself. That’s bigger than most one bedroom apartments. My wife and I also added a mini split Heating and Cooling machine to the room. My mom isn’t used to the heat here, and I wanted her to be comfortable at all times. The mini split Heating and Cooling machine was an expensive addition, but my mom never complains about the indoor climate. The mini-split heating and cooling machine was a sound investment. My mom has a queen-size bed, two tall dressers, and a flat screen TV in her room. She even has a small space where the two kids can play in her room. My mom seems happy to be here with us, even if she misses my Dad every day. I’m glad that my Mom is here, and I worry a lot less now. It’s nice to have my Mom close again.

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