Leaving music festival because I was sunburned and there was no a/c

One of my favorite activities as a teenager was going to music festivals during the summer. Luckily, where I grew up there were plenty of great bands who always wanted to come to our area. So every summer my friends and I would plan out what major outdoor music festivals we were going to hit. One summer, during what should have been one of the best festivals of the year, the summer heat reached record-breaking numbers and without air conditioning or much cool air during the festival, I suffered from minor heat stroke and severe sunburn. The heat from the sun had been too much. The medics at the festival tried to cool me down by using fans and small air conditioning systems they had, but I was still too overheated. I was quickly taken into the back of an air-conditioned ambulance where they applied cool compresses and blasted the air as high as it would go. I spend the next few hours recovering from the heat inside the nice cool air of the air-conditioned ambulance. When I was finally able to leave medics, I was hopeful I would be able to enjoy the rest of the festival, but unfortunately, without the cool air of the air conditioning on my sunburn, I felt like I was on fire again. I had to leave the festival and spend the rest of the day with my HVAC unit at home turned on high and with cool towels on my head. That summer, I learned how important it is to stay in a cool air-conditioned place during the hot summer months.

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